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Opera put up $100 for investment in Africa’s VAS, Mobile Money, and Data Saving

by Milicent Atieno

Opera owns the leading mobile browser in Africa Opera Mini; with nine out of the top 20 user countries coming from the continent. No doubt that is a big market for the browser maker. However, Opera’s number one position as the leading mobile browser is constantly being challenged by the likes of UC Browser, Chrome, Firefox, and even a browser by ex-stuffers Vivaldi.

Opera has set itself out to maintain its market dominance across Africa. The company announced it plans to invest $100 million over the course of the next two years to facilitate its growth across the African digital economy.

Africa is a very important market for Opera. Nine of the top 20 Opera Mini user countries are from Africa. We aim to invest heavily in Africa, to build a local platform and grow with the local business partners. This platform will expand the use base for content providers, e-commerce businesses, operators, OEM’s and other to strengthen the African internet,” said Richard Mondy the VP of Africa, Opera Software.

Opera has announced it plans to create content and services that will give users in Africa a one of a kind experience. The investment will go a long way towards expediting adoption of the internet across the continent and strengthen the online ecosystem. Opera intends to achieve that in partnership with local stakeholders.

The GSMA Intelligence report, states that the biggest barriers to internet content consumers across Africa are lack of; necessary digital skills and awareness, affordable internet connection, and locally relevant content.

In order to bring more internet users online, the fear of high data cost and inavailability of locally relevant content must be overcome. Opera plans on bringing onboard more first-time internet users and have them have no fear of high data prices or can’t access local relevant content. Opera is investing in the state-of-the-art AI engine for smartphones to ensure users get the right content.

Opera want to provide Opera Mini users in Africa with fully personalized and localized content delivered to their browsers. At the same time, reducing the cost of data usage by up to 90%. Opera has become a household name across Africa and has facilitated more than half of Africa’s internet users’ online experience through features that lower the cost of data.

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