Opera’s Free VPN now available to Android Devices. Yes Opera VPN for Android is Free!

Opera’s Free VPN now available to Android Devices. Yes Opera VPN for Android is Free!

The Viking Norwegian browser maker Opera has launched the long-awaited Free VPN app to Android devices. Opera VPN for Android is already available in a stable version for Android, though iPhone users have had their Opera VPN for iOS for quite a while now.

Unlike other VPNs out there, the Opera VPN does not require you to create a user account to start using it. Just download and install the app. You will not have to worry about maxing your data allowance for the month; there are not set limits on the amount of data you can consume per any given time.

Once you have installed the app and connected, you can start browsing anonymously for as long as you can keep going. That also means people living in regions where certain contents are blocked, can now spoof their location and gain access to them.

Opera’s VPN division, Chris Houston, said: “We have incorporated a Viking in the app. The Vikings didn’t care about borders, and they sure weren’t afraid of public Wi-Fi! And with the right tools, they stayed safe. The Opera VPN app can help unlock online borders and is the closest thing to a Viking shield today’s mobile users have for virtual self-protection.”

Opera VPN for Android also comes with Wi-Fi testing tool

Other than just providing you with a free and unlimited VPN, the app also scans your Wi-Fi network to check if it is encrypted and safe enough for use. Naturally, I jumped into installing the app as soon as I saw the news on Opera blog page, and here is a scan of my Wi-Fi network. I did not know how insecure my network was until I started using the Opera VPN for Android.

How is Opera able to give a Free VPN service?

Given VPN service is a booming business for software vendors. How then is Opera able to give you free VPN that is unlimited? Well, if you have keenly checked my screenshots above. The app serves you with AdsLLL!

Houston explains, “To help cover the cost of providing the service Opera VPN displays advertising and collects anonymous information. It’s important to understand that this is not data about what you do with your phone, but rather this is data about how a large group of people use their phones. It’s very much like taking part in a survey – there is very little value in your personal answers since your answers may not be representative of the larger population. This data is completely anonymized.”

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