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OPPO Set to Launch F3, A new Dual Front Camera Selfie Expert in Kenya


Global Smartphone photography leader OPPO is set to launch a new dual selfie camera Smartphone, the OPPO F3 which will enable users to snap both great selfie and group selfie shots with ease.

Leading the selfie revolution and the phone camera industry standards with the recent ‘Selfie Expert’ F-series, the new F3’s excellent ‘group selfie’, distortion minimizing features and beautify function will allow users to capture group selfies with an increased field of view.

At the heart of the F3 is OPPO’s first-ever dual selfie camera for the “Selfie Expert” which can capture high-quality images in a 16MP main-camera and 8MP sub-camera.

The new F3 carries the dual front camera – one for individual selfies, and another wide-angle camera designed for group selfies with twice larger field of view. The F3 will also feature high performance hardware and optimized software to provide smooth user experience and satisfy consumers’ everyday use.

“Selfies and group selfies reflect how people, especially the younger generation are socializing and sharing their lives with each other.” Said Mr. Andrew Peng, OPPO KENYA CEO “The new F3 will be another selfie expert to transform selfies and group selfies to more natural, beautiful, and most importantly, much easier to capture, even when taking with a large group of people.”

The F3 launch will kick start a series of group selfie campaigns in Kenya to empower consumers and encourage them to celebrate togetherness by taking group selfies.

For the first time ever in history, OPPO Kenya will open pre-orders for the device and only then a clear picture of the local pricing for the device will be unveiled.

OPPO is devoted to perfecting the selfie camera technology. In 2013, the N1 model pioneered the world’s first rotating camera later came the 16MP now Taking one step further, the revolutionary dual selfie front camera F3 is taking the standards of camera hardware and selfie photography to new heights.

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