Ordering, Buying Samsung Galaxy 8, 8 Plus from T-Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

Millions of people around the world are on tenterhooks as they wait anxiously for Samsung Galaxy S8 to hit the stores. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S Plus will be up for sale on April 21. But T-Mobile is now taking pre-orders for the phone. There have been several reports that T-Mobile started servicing charges and deliveries of Samsung Galaxy S8 devices from April 19.

Samsung Galaxy S8 from T-Mobile costs around $750, or $30 up front plus $30 a month for two years.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus costs $850 at T-Mobile or $130 plus $30 a month for two years.

T-Mobile customers have also started receiving tracking numbers for their new Samsung Galaxy S8 devices after they make an order.

T-Mobile says that the down payment (mostly $130) will not hit the user credit cards until the phone is shipped.

When will your Galaxy S8 be shipped from T-Mobile is the pinching question. Well, most of the people get their new phones from the company within 14 days. You should hope for the best. It normally doesn’t get any later than two weeks.

Another important thing to note before ordering Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus from T-Mobile is that if you change your mind after getting your phone, you can return the device within 20 days, if you purchase the phone online. But if you purchase the phone from a T-Mobile store, you get a two weeks (14 days) window to return the phone in case you get the Buyers Remorse.

You can also use the Trade-In option offered by T-Mobile to exchange your old phone with the new Samsung Galaxy S8. You can get an estimate of how much more bucks you” need to give with your old phone to get a new one.


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