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OS X 10.12 Fuji Release Date, Features and Details: What To Expect

by Fahad Saleem

Apple releases a new version of its Mac OS X ever year. The current version called OS X Yosemite was released in 2015. While it was a welcoming addition, it lacked many new features like file system updates, stability, interface tweaks and basic structure. It mostly merged all the features of its predecessor. But 2016 is slated to bring about a new OS X version 10.12. OS X 10.12 is reported to be named as OS X Fuji. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting product from Mac.

OS X Fuji Release Date 

Apple usually releases its OS X version for a free update installation in September every year. But the operating system is introduced in the grand event of June. So OS X Fuji release date is expected to be anywhere in Summer 2016.


OS X 10.12 Fuji will have Siri, the Apple’s famous famous digital assistant. It will help the users to perform quick functions like search, browsing, calculations on the go. According to 9to5Mac, an authority website on Apple rumors, Siri will be a place on the right menu of OS X, just next to spotlight and notifications area. Its interface will be based on transparent windows just like it is in iOS 9 and TV OS of Apple TV.

OS X Fuji SIRI 1

A New File System 

A new file system is expected in OS X 10.12. Apple has long been using its HFS+ file system which controls all the data inputs and retrievals. But experts think that HFS has become outdated and options like BFS or ZFS are more efficient. Rumors suggest that Apple has been planning a new in-house file system for a long time and if it does roll out a new system, it would be a big change in OS X that would stick around for years, probably decades to come.


OS X Fuji is also expected to get a new backup mechanism. Currently, OS X uses the TimeMachine features, which lets the users to backup their data. But it is full of technical jargon and creates issues for many users.


A lot has been changed since the launch of the launch of Yosemite. Apple Watch and TV are out and OS X 10.12 Fuji is expected to get a native integration with Apple devices. OS X Fuji features will have a great suite of apps and services availability for all the Apple’s ecosystem products.

OS X FUJI watch

From here it’s just a wishlist, and experts have always given huge weightage to wishlists of users because Apple gives them value and most of the wished features are added.

Health App, Music App, and More

Health app has been a great feature for Apple Watch and iOS. People want a standalone health app in OS X Fuji.

A dedicated music app for OS X Fuji will be a huge game changer. iTunes has turned into a convoluted set of apps and services and it becomes difficult to use it with ease.

Images: Digital Trends, InsanelyMac

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