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Oshiorenoya Agabi the Nigerian who has invented a Computer that Sniffs out Explosives

by Milicent Atieno
Oshiorenoya Agabi

Oshiorenoya Agabi, based in Silicon Valley, has caught the international tech limelight after coming up with a computer that can smell explosives and aid in timely bomb detection.

Agabi, originally from Nigeria, unveiled his invention during the TEDGlobal conference held in Tanzania. The invention is a modem-sized technology that uses mice neurons to detect explosives.

The device has since been christened the ‘Koniku Kore’ and is from a mixing neurons and silicon, fitted with sensors that recognize smell. Agabi says his invention could potentially replace sniffer dogs with robots that can sniff out explosives.

“You can give the neurons instructions about what to do; in our case, we tell it to provide a receptors that can detect explosives,” Agabi told the BBC.

The Nigerian Communications Week reports that Agabi’s device can be used to detect airborne disease-making-element in the air, which patients give off

This device can live on a desk, and we can keep them alive for a couple of months. We think that the processing power that is going to run the robots of the future will be synthetic biology-based and we are laying the foundations for that today.”

Agabi startup, now over a year old and has already raised over $1 million in funding, could possibly in the future produce a discrete version of Koniku Kore that will be implanted around airports. Thus, do away with the need for long queues at the security check points.

Agabi says his startup is already getting orders from players in the aviation and pharmaceutical industries, and they are making profits of $10 million upwards.

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