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Otherworldly Games to Enjoy In Your Lunch Break


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Sick and tired of your everyday life? There’s perhaps no better way to escape it than simply blasting off to another planet. Sadly, that’s not an option just yet and when it does become an option, it’s likely to be pretty expensive. So, instead of trying to fire yourself all the way to Mars or to a ‘Floating City‘ in the Atmosphere of Venus, picking up one of these games with an otherworldly theme might be a cheaper, safer and generally better option. All of these games have an ‘out of this world’ theme, but every one of them tackles the task slightly differently. Try them all out and see which one you enjoy the most.

Galactic Blast

Galactic Blast is a great title for anyone who enjoys playing slots online as it fits in the slots category while also featuring an ‘out of this world’ location. Not only do the graphics fit seamlessly with the galactic theme, but so too do the ultra-modern ways to win. There are unlimited multipliers and the ability to customize your wins using ‘blast zones’. The theme tune is certainly sci-fi and much as it’s great to listen to, it’s not intrusive in the gaming experience. You’re allowed to really focus on your blasting, which will definitely be a positive for serious gamers. The graphics are super flashy in this game, with aliens, rockets and space explorers featuring prominently on the reels. Bright magentas and cyans combine with inky blues and purples to create a truly space age feel in a game that’s somehow available down on Earth.

Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker 2 is one of those games that is seriously playable but nobody really knows why. It’s a super simple browser based game that’s the kind of thing you can just have open in the background when you’re getting on with some work, a personal project, or whatever productive task you’re supposed to be doing. The premise is insanely simple, click the planet to gain energy until you can afford to buy an upgrade, hence the name, Planet Clicker 2. You’ll start by clicking planet Earth until you can afford to buy the first upgrade, which is a campfire. The campfire will then make one lightning bolt for you each second. Collect these until you can afford more campfires, until you can afford a farm, which makes ten lighting bolts per second. The more lightning bolts you collect, the more upgrades you can buy, until you’re generating enough lightning energy to buy a whole new planet. It doesn’t sound too exciting, but it’s strangely rewarding and the otherworldly theme tune is super focusing too. You probably won’t play this game solidly for hours, but we bet you’ll enjoy clicking your way through the planets more than you might think.

Space Rescue

Your mission is to rescue the civilians from space

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If you’re after a game that’s quick to play but offers a good deal of skill then Space Rescue might be the perfect game for you. This game puts you in charge of a rudimentary rocket ship and then asks you to rescue some civilians who are stuck in space. Don’t ask us how they got there or why it’s up to you to get them back, just accept your mission. First up, you’re going to need some controls. To operate the main engine, you press and hold ‘W’, whilst to operate the left wing engine you hold ‘A’ and the right wing engine you hold ‘D’. This might seem simple enough, but next you’re going to have to dodge planets and keep your rocket ship flying. Your rocket doesn’t like it when you tip over too horizontally and it really doesn’t like it when you let go of the main engine for too long. It’s a fiendishly tricky game with lots of levels that increase massively in difficulty. You probably won’t find many tournaments for Space Rescue champions just yet, but if you’ve got ten minutes to fill then we’d strongly recommend you give it a try.

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