OurHome: Amazing App That Lets You Tackle Household Chores Smartly  

OurHome: Amazing App That Lets You Tackle Household Chores Smartly

Coming back from office and seeing a havoc in your home: kids messing around, dirty sofas, piles of laundry, undone dishes and messy room can kill your mood and any productivity left after grueling job. Dividing the daily chores among family members and planning everything out is the key to avoid this nightmare. Luckily, we have a new app in town which will make your home a serene, calm and heavenly place to be at after work.  It’s called OurHome. It is an outstanding iOS and Android app, which will simplify your family life.

This app is certainly not a wonder tool for performing all the domestic tasks by itself. It will act as a supervisor and scheduler of all the activities while communicating with your family members. The app functions by scheduling the household tasks and then reminds you when the certain tasks are due.

The key features of the app are presented as follows.

  • You can create, assign and schedule tasks for the family members.
  • View the personal progress of the family members.
  • Motivate the children for completing the assigned tasks with rewards and goals
  • Share the items you require to buy for home.
  • Communicate with your family on an issue privately.

The features are further elaborated as follows.

Manage Shopping Lists

OurHome contains a smart shopping list. The shopping list remembers the items that you bought previously. It also suggests the items that you might be deficient at your home. You will not forget anything to buy when you go to the shop.

Assign Household Tasks to Family Members

With the help of OurHome, you will be able to properly manage your family affairs. The children will be able to do chores and take some responsibilities, and the parents can reward them for their efforts. It is a well known fact that children don’t like doing chores, since parents perform for them for a number of years.

Give Rewards and Achieve Your Goals

Inspire your children for tasks such as cleaning the room with rewards in the form of trips on weekends, pocket money, etc. Your children will perform the tasks in time to get the rewards. Hence, you will achieve your goals.

Improve the Children’s Overall Skills

The research studies have shown introducing chores and pocket money is a good idea for building life skills and mental health. With the help of OurHome, the chores can be introduced gradually with the option of linking effort for a direct reward. The parents can add tasks for their children, which they have to complete such as tidying the room, or doing the homework. The app monetizes the tasks to be done, assigns them priority, and also notifies parents and children when the task is due. The best thing about the app is that they will enjoy the whole process.


Communicate with Family via Private Message Board

You will never be away from your family when you are using this app. The app provides a private message board for communicating with your family members. With the help of reminders and notifications, you will know the events happening with your family.


The best thing is that OurHome is completely free to use with no ads and hidden costs. It is developed by the Fairshare. You will really enjoy using this app. You will be able to manage your household tasks in a perfect fashion in collaboration with your wife and kids.

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