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Outside-the-Box Ideas for Small Investors


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If you have a little bit of money you’d like to put toward growing your finances, why not look beyond the traditional realm of buying stocks and bonds? Here are three unique options to consider, even when you don’t have a huge chunk of change to invest.

Buy Cryptocurrency

While digital currencies remain a mystery to many, the remarkable growth in their value has piqued the interest of investors large and small who don’t want to miss out on a great way to increase their assets. That, in turn, has increased demand for simplified platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrency, so more everyday investors can get in on the action.

Crypto exchanges like OKX have developed user-friendly interfaces with flexible payment options so all buyers can acquire digital currency with ease. You can open accounts with just a few dollars on deposit, and you can even buy Bitcoin with a credit card or via virtual payment. By demystifying the process of purchasing and managing cryptocurrencies and allowing for minimal investments, these platforms are making it possible for more people to dabble in the world of digital assets.

Acquire NFTs

An investment opportunity that becomes available to you once you own cryptocurrency is the purchase of non-fungible tokens. Unlike cash, gold, crypto, or other fungibles, NFTs are individual, unique items that don’t have value tied to any other asset. You can get into the acquisition of NFTs for just a few dollars and may end up with a high-value token on your hands!

Using digital funds to buy these one-of-a-kind tokens is similar to buying a painting or another piece of art; while there’s no guarantee that a given NFT will increase in value, it will always remain unique. For that reason, your NFT’s worth has the potential to grow based on how much others are interested in acquiring it.

Provide Microloans

If you’re looking for investment opportunities outside the digital sphere, then lending to businesses can be a unique way to grow your wealth. Because not everyone has the deep pockets to become a venture capitalist on a grand scale, microlending represents an opportunity for investors with budgets of almost any size to fund an enterprise.

Globally and locally, many entrepreneurs don’t have access to the financial tools they need to launch or grow their companies. Microlending was developed to enable direct small-business funding, cutting out banks and other institutions. One person or group can fund an entire small loan, or microlending platforms can facilitate the pooling of contributions from multiple lenders. You can participate in lending with just a few dollars each month, and while there’s always the risk that you’ll lose your modest capital, you also stand to benefit from solid returns if the businesses you support become profitable.

Even people with modest funds can find unique ways to put their money toward investments that can grow their finances. From buying cryptocurrencies and NFTs to microlending, there are several outside-the-box opportunities regardless of how much money you have available to invest.

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