Over 100,000 Active MMJ Patients In California Remain

Over 100,000 Active MMJ Patients In California Remain

In a time when all eyes and attention were on the tech industries, the new money-spinner came to be with even higher growth rates. The marijuana industry has been the new revelation among industries and especially in the U.S. where it has a growing market. The total sales made from this industry is about $55 billion and these numbers are even projected to reach $150 billion by 2025.

The U.S. alone has about one-third of the entire cannabis market. States across the U.S. have capitalized on this new trend and quickly established themselves as powerhouses in the cannabis industry. Five states have hit the $1 billion mark threshold. Here is a quick peep into the top five states and the amount they rake in. California ($3.1 billion), Colorado ($1.6 billion), Washington ($1.1 billion), Florida ($1billion), Michigan ($1 billion).

One thing is clear from the list and that is the fact that California is in a world of its own and can be said to be the crown prince of the cannabis industry. California legalized both recreational and therapeutic use of marijuana. It is estimated that its recreational component sales raked in $1.2 billion and the medical $1.8 billion. You will observe that with the presence of recreational marijuana the sales coming from the medical marijuana program are still coming in strong.

Not only is the sales strong but the California medical marijuana program controlled by the California Department of Public Health(CDPH) still has over 100,000 active patients. You would expect that in a state that has legalized both recreational and medical use the medical program would suffer, seeing that recreational stores offer quick access. What is the CDPH getting right? What are the factors affecting this trend? Let’s take a look in.

Tax Avoidance

One thing the California government has done is to ensure that those who purchase medical marijuana products don’t have to pay sales tax. Knowing fully well that it is already more expensive to enroll for the medical marijuana program as compared to buying from a recreational store. This tax withdrawal would also make it very possible for the medical program to still enjoy good patronage in the face of a growing recreational marijuana market. It is important to add that this privilege is for fully registered patients who have a medical marijuana card. This has been a huge factor in keeping the medical marijuana market stable.

Medical Consultancy

Another reason why the California medical marijuana program is still scaling is that as compared to those buying from recreational stores, the patients get access to physicians who are part of the setup of dispensaries they are there to give educational knowledge to clients and customers who in this case would be the patients. They can also advise how the product would be taken and which strain or composition would be most suitable to the needs of the patient.

It is important to note that not all physicians are part of the medical marijuana program, physiotherapists, and physicians that specialize in osteoarthritis, and medical practitioners that advocate for the use of natural products are more inclined to be a part of the Department of Public Health. For better information as to how to find doctors who are signed up with the medical marijuana program, you can read newspapers, the internet or better still for viable information find out more through Veriheal who is a certified cannabis network and consulting firm.

Wide Range Of Qualifying Conditions

California is well known to have one of the most solid and liberal systems seeing that they are one of the first in the country to legalize marijuana use. This has helped them grow and give them a competitive advantage to widen their scope and broaden their horizons as to the possibilities of marijuana. California has one of the longest lists of qualifying conditions and accommodates almost every illness that cannabis can treat. Thus, reducing the chance of patients crossing to buy in recreational stores as seen in other states.

The addition of chronic pain to the list has been the game-changer for the medical marijuana program. Statistics showed that about 20% which if put in a better context, 50 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain. Hence, patients see no reason to terminate their membership.

Easy Access To Dispensaries

While some states have restrictions on the number of dispensaries available or a poor distribution, this is not the case in California as patients have good and easy access to dispensaries. This is another massive advantage that California enjoys over other states. The fact that they’ve been established for a while gives them the leverage to have covered more ground in terms of numbers of available dispensaries and their locations coupled with their laws.

Availability Of Different Strains

Strains are the varieties of cannabis plantations, they are mainly categorized into three which include indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indica strains are known to give a relaxing effect. It has a soothing and sedating effect which is used to induce sleep in insomnia patients, reduce anxiety and depression as well. Sativa has an energizing effect and helps improve the mood and feeling. While the hybrid as the name applies combines the function of the two.

These strains are available in different variations and can be found abundantly in California and essentially, your physician knows the best strain to recommend based on your illness. Where else can you get this pro-medical advice if not in a medical marijuana program?

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