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Overview Of and Differences Between Crypto-Exclusive Casino and Hybrid Casino

The rapid advancement in the technological world has left many people switching to online casinos. There are several online casinos where players could entertain themselves and win money. With cryptocurrencies also gaining popular traction in recent years, there are now primarily two types of casinos; crypto-exclusive casinos and hybrid casinos. While the traditional casinos are fast pacing out due to the emergence of crypto-exclusive casinos, there are noticeable differences and advantages when comparing hybrid and crypto-exclusive casinos.

Frankly speaking, crypto-exclusive casinos hold more traditional casinos, that is what birthed hybrid casinos. Hybrid casinos offer both crypto-based gaming and fiat-based gaming. Let’s get started with an introduction to both casinos.

Cryptocurrency Exclusive Casinos Vs. Hybrid Casinos

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, many drastic changes have been experienced in the gambling industry. There are several differences between crypto-exclusive casinos and hybrid casinos. As the name implies, crypto-exclusive casinos are solely crypto-based while hybrid casinos combine the functions of both traditional casinos and crypto casinos by accepting both fiat currency and crypto.

Below are the differences between both casinos.

1. Currency

This is the primary difference between crypto casino and hybrid casinos. While hybrid casinos use regular fiat currencies such as US Dollars, Pound Sterling, and Euro in addition to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin to carry out transactions and measure and exchange value, crypto exclusive casinos strictly use cryptocurrencies to carry out transactions and measure and exchange value.

2. Security

Every player takes the issues of security seriously. Nobody wants their details flying all over and being liable to hackers. Although both platforms are considered secure, the traditional functions of the hybrid casinos mean that it

is still susceptible to hackers and data theft. However, cryptocurrency wallets are much more secure than credit or debit cards and bank transactions. Hackers can hardly hack through crypto-exclusive casinos.

It is relatively easier to hack through traditional casinos. Although traditional casinos are now putting in place, security encryption that makes it more difficult for hackers to hack through and access the personal and financial data of users. Nevertheless, crypto casinos are more secured due to their end-to-end encryption as all transactions are carried out using blockchain technology.

Another security feature of crypto casinos is that transactions are completely anonymous. Unlike the traditional functions in hybrid casinos, crypto-exclusive casinos do not require any personal or financial details from the players. This means that the identity of the player is secured and safe from hackers or malicious people.

The last security aspect where crypto-exclusive casinos and hybrid casinos differ is that crypto-exclusive casinos are completely decentralized. Unlike hybrid casinos which accept fiat currencies,

crypto is not regulated or controlled by financial institutions or government authorities. The government is the authority over fiat currencies, and this means that your account could be frozen by the authorities due to one reason or another. But when it comes to cryptocurrencies, users have full control over their account and crypto assets, which means that your account cannot be frozen or regulated.

3. Game fairness

With it comes to game fairness, crypto-exclusive casinos have the edge over hybrid casinos. Crypto casinos offer fairer games in comparison to the traditional functions of hybrid casinos. It uses a fair algorithm and low house edge, which makes it a lot easier for punters to win. In the case of traditional casinos, they operate based on fiat currency and usually have a house edge that ranges between 3 to 15% based on your casino preference and game choice.

4. Transparency

People who have gambled in traditional hybrid casinos know that operates to use a lot of tricks to attracts players. Some of these tricks range from flashy images, high winnings, and special bonus offers. Nevertheless, most of these promises are never fulfilled. Many of these casinos withhold vital information from their players, thus indirectly denying them a huge portion of their winnings.

This is almost equivalent to taking advantage of players who have no idea such information exists. However, crypto-exclusive casinos are open and transparent and do not conceal information from their users. They use a direct platform and users can spot changes easily whenever any is made.


After reading this, you must agree with me that the difference between hybrid casinos and crypto-exclusive casinos is quite significant. This gives users a different and unique experience when they choose to play at either casino. However, before you decide which of the casinos to pitch your tent with, ensure you carefully consider the differences. There are different games of different quality in both casinos, and you’ll find one which suits you perfectly.

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