OwnFone launch First 3D Printed Special Phone for Blind People

 OwnFone launch First 3D Printed Special Phone for Blind People

OwnFone is a company which makes mobile phones for special children, senior citizens and blind people. Yesterday, they announced that the company has launched a mobile phone for the blind people which will be customizable, easy to use and will just be the best available phone for the blind people out there in the market. The first version is called the 1st Fone device and the 3D printing technique is at its best here in this gadget. The company has categorized this amazing mobile in the special devices category. The phone has all the   personalized features with specific Braille commands. In order to give the feel of the mobile phone commands, the plastic work is done in a smart way.

The front and rear end of the 1st Fone version of this special phone is made up of plastic, so the cost of this phone is automatically low. The tactical volume up and down buttons, the call accept or reject buttons, main menu options are some of the paramount available hardware Braille icons of this phone which give the blind people pretty much everything to get the daily chores down. Not only this, the company is pretty much interested in extending this project based on the success of the first version which is being taken for granted by the experts worldwide.

“The phone can be personalized with two or four Braille buttons which are pre-programmed to call friends, family, carers or the emergency services,” said  Tom Sunderland who is the main inventor of this phone. Sunderland also told the media that for the blind people who are not able to get the Braille commands, more buttons can be installed using the 3D printing mechanisms.

The amazing thing is that the phone will have two to four buttons that will be customizable on a pre-programmed basis in order to mold them to call the most frequent numbers, text the already written messages, etc. The phone is rolling out now and it can be ordered on the OwnFone’s website. The phone has a pretty reasonable price tag of £60 (101.38 US Dollar)

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