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Pac-Man Monsters Launched for Android

by Fahad Saleem

Pac-Man Monsters Launched for Android

Perhaps the world’s first gaming star, Pac-Man is one of the most amazing fascinations for everyone interested in games. It has been involved in the racing games, arcade games, platformers, adventure games, and also a few puzzlers. It is now back with a bang with a new attractive puzzler game called as Pac-Man Monsters. It has been developed by the Japanese company GREE and Namco Bandai. It is completely free to play with in-app purchases.

Pac-Man is not simply a puzzle game. It is, in fact, a puzzle RPG containing monster collecting elements. It is sort of a mixture of Pac-Man along with the Pokemon and Puzzle Quest. It has great graphics, a stunning puzzle mechanic and lots to do and collect. Pac-Man is certainly a surprisingly compelling experience on Android.


pac man 2

As a puzzle RPG, Pac-Man Monsters needs some kind of a script. This is indeed what this game provides. The ghosts and Pacs live happily in Pac-land along with some other creatures. Dark force makes an intrusion into the kingdom. The expectations of the Pac-land are associated with the Pac-Man. He is the one to lead his team members in fighting with the invaders.

This game provides a cool system in which groups are made of Pacs and monsters that will go fighting against other monsters. You will find 100 unique monsters that will be found with the aid of soft and hard currency or you may evolve them from other monsters.

The previous Pac-puzzle games couldn’t really meet the expectations of the gamers. Pac-Man Monsters is a really good puzzle game for the Android users. On the screen of the game, you will see your team on the left and the enemies on the right side. The puzzle field can be found at the bottom.

The puzzle field consists of pallets with the various colored backgrounds. Each of these colors is the representative of the elements contained in the friendly and unfriendly monsters. Every element is weak and strong against another. When you get your turn, you need to a draw a line between 12 dots and spaces. Pac-Man then eats the dots that become the required damage for your enemies to deal. You will also so some ghosts, power pellets, and fruits. When you eat a power pellet, you can eat the ghosts, and you will get the bonus for the damage and money for your troubles also.

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