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Pacemaker and Spotify join hands to make iPad’s simplest DJ App

by Fahad Saleem

Pacemaker and Spotify join hands to make iPad’s simplest DJ App

Jonas Norberg has graced the IT world with two great products which unfortunately weren’t a hit including the award winning Pacemaker, a nerdy beatmaking gadget that cost around $880 dollars. He has been here and there in the company but has finally developed a new app for the iPad that is seemingly going to provide him with the recognition that he deserves. Joining hands with Spotify, the new app is called the pacemaker for iPad.

The app has access to Spotify’s massive streaming music library and the ability to mix two songs at the same time. The app market for DJs is indeed overcrowded with many exceptional apps available so what does Jonas think that his app will achieve over all the others?

Experienced DJs and enthusiasts aside, most of us are very poor DJs and most of us count success by the less number of people walking away from our “songs” when we are at the DJ table, so that is what Pacemaker and Jonas want to achieve, to make an app that is useable by almost everyone in the house, or in his own words he wants to “do what fifty three did for drawing on the iPad”. Fifty three simplified drawing on iPad at such level that anyone could use it so that is what Pacemaker is going to be about. The credentials seem quite strong with the ability to access Spotify’s 20 million track library of songs. When you first download the app, you appear to be making a fool of yourself, but as you get a little familiar with it, you can easily tap around, add loops and set cues.

pacemaker - 2

pacemaker - 3

Pacemaker has a unique radial display which is simple and the features up to eight effects like Bass and the treble. Each of these effects is operated in the same way by spinning your finger on a circle that will enhance the particular sound you want to hear, just like in the original Pacemaker gadget. The app even managers powerful power features of its own like a memory which records cue points you have used and sets up your most frequent tracks.

pacemaker - 4

The Pacemaker isn’t competing with the other hardcore DJ apps. Instead it provides us non-DJ people the ability to have fun with the amazing little app without much hassle. Plus, the huge library accompanying it is simply awesome too.

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