Packing Tips for Couples this Valentine

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Packing Tips for Couples this Valentine

Packing for travel is a headache only backpackers seem to escape! It’s an accurate pointer to our temperaments, our shocking ability to hoard, and the usual urge to be self-sufficient when traveling. Planning a romantic trip comes with the slight adjustment in view of His, Hers and Ours; which summer dress to ditch, what shoes go with what and where to squeeze in his set of shavers and favorite shaving cream? The greatest secret lies in the ability to keep the needful, says Most hotels provide toiletries as well as clean bed and bath wear. Here are a few pointers to a stress-free packing for your romantic getaway this Valentine.

Mine, Yours and Ours

This should be the starting point. With airfare for checked in luggage getting pricier by the day, you will rejoice in saving both the penny and hour in boarding and check-in time. Decide prudently what goes where. Each of you should carry their personal stuff in manageable carry-ons while shared provisions together with your respective minimal wardrobe should go into the shared check-in bag/suitcase.  Of course this will only apply to couples who plan to pack. If you choose to go sans-luggage, agree on the degree and practicality of your luggage travel and make sure there’s still room for intimacy and romance albeit in minimal packs!

Tastes and Preferences: All in Sync

This boils down to the basics of sharing. You may not share preferences in lotions, suntans, toothpastes and such, but being away from home cuts down on these luxuries. To limit luggage, pack shared preferences and products that neither of you has any major concerns with. For instance, pack same-color sneakers if you need to pack a shoe-polish; pack a particular suntan lotion that you both like instead of packing a box of toiletries each. Similarly, the first aid kit, OTCs, electronics, water treatment solutions etc. can be shared without limiting each other’s comfort.

Agree on the Purpose of Your Travel

If you are tempted to throw in the basic strappy heel for her or a black tux for him on a trekking trip, take comfort in numbers. It’s just in the basic human instinct to be safe; who knows, your host may decide to invite you on a surprise dinner after your heroic completion of the trek. However, as Aristotle quoted, take all things in moderation. Agreeing on the core business of your trip will help you pack accurately. Obviously, there is no need in stashing up your travel case with seven pairs of strappy golden shoes only to spend half the vacation basking in bikinis, sandals and a straw hat!

Picking Your Suitcase

While it may sound obvious to many couples, choosing your shared suitcase could make or spoil your vacation together. For instance, if one of you has a back problem, you will be inclined to choose a certain make of wheelie suitcases. In the same breath, consider the size of the shared suitcase with the odd instance where one of you will need to man the whole luggage. Again, pick a color that you are both comfortable with since this will be a shared responsibility. One more important thing to consider is the design of your suitcase; designs that come with zip-off compartments are quite handy when separating lightweights for a short cruise or a short trip requiring just a fraction of your provisions. For the later, consider an expandable bag that fits freely in your suitcase without shifting the weight scale.

Counter Check Together, and Pack Your Patience!

Unlike packing for the kids, who will make do with whatever you think suits them, packing for your other half may require more precision than a few bottles of cream and birth control. Most important and final step in your combined packing is having both of you go through the checklist together and ensure both your needs are fully catered for. Only then will you have the liberty to throw out whatever doesn’t sit well in the various compartments.

On top of all the provisions”, concludes, “pack your patience; for the endless queue at the boarding area, for the attendant who separated your seats and for the spouse who insists on keeping you awake throughout the eight-hour flight. This will mark the beginning of a happily-ending Valentine

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