Introducing iOS App Palantir; The New Shazam of Video Games

Introducing iOS App Palantir; The New Shazam of Video Games

A lot of people have heard of the app Shazam; it listens to any song you play and tells you the name of the song along with other information. Well, that’s what Palantir does. Only difference is that instead of listening to music, Palantir listens to your video game. It gets the name Palantir from the Lord of the Rings saga. Palantir was a network of seeing stones that allowed the bearers to communicate. So how does it help video game players? It listens to your progress of the game and offers little tips and helps. We all know that nowadays, many people have to get help fromfriends or look online for tips on how to progress in their game, but Palantir will completely remove that headache. The tips and hints the app gives are not simple tips from the game developers, but actually tips provided by the community of players through the games’s Wikia page. So even if you approach something hard during the game, chances are another player might have been in the same situation, and Palantir will give you the tips on how to overcome your problem.

Palantir could really be the perfect introduction to an “electronic friend” who will guide you along the game. It will always be listening in on your game and offer advice whenever you need it. No more buying those expensive and troubling game manuals and walkthroughs. The app is available but as of now it is only featured for the upcoming game “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” which is set to be released later this year. This app is the first of it’s kind, and a positive step toward a more comfortable gaming experience.

Success of the Shazam app for music may have been the reason to create this app. Video game players are increasing around the world, and many newcomers (and even some older players) need some tips and hints when they’re playing through games. Palantir has the potential to become very successful. People can buy the game “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” when it is released, download the Palantir companion app and enjoy a new experience to gaming.

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