Event Recap: Innov8tiv takes on Social Media Week

Event Recap: Innov8tiv takes on Social Media Week
Last Friday, February 21st, Innov8tiv.com had the pleasure of partnering with IBOM LLC, Social Media Week, Black Enterprise Magazine, and New York University’s Black Student Union to host a special panel discussion, “Advances in Global Entertainment Technology”, #smwGET at the Vanderbilt Hall in NYU. Panelist included special guest Jason Njoku – co-founder and CEO of the world’s largest digital distributor of Nollywood movies, iROKOtv and Youtube’s biggest partner in Africa, Jacqueline Nwobu – Co-Founder of Munalunchi Bridal Magazine; Janel Martinez – CEO of “Ain’t I Latina”; and Oldine Jean-Charles – CEO/LJCL and founder of Interactive Life Social TV Project. Janell Hazelwood, Associate Producer at Black Enterprise served as the event moderator.

The event started with a pre-panel segment, that was hosted by Chi Meche and Alain Balan – President of NYU’s Black Student Union. This segment allowed organizations like WomenWerk, Black Girls Code NYC Chapter, Panla and others to be introduced to the audience, widen their reach and network for their organization.

Now for the meat of the panel -using #smwGET, audience members picked the brains of our panelists to reveal the heavy truth to “Advances in Global Entertainment Technology.” No feelings were spared, no kitten gloves worn – just the honest-to-God truth about the hardships and rewards of entrepreneurship. In my humble opinion, each panelist presented a honest and sincere look into their experiences and their goals for the future. It was something that is rarely seen and heard. I walked away feeling as if I’ve taken a Entrepreneurs 101 MBA course. Every aspect of the panel was great – the moderator (AMAZING), the panels (superb) and the audience (engaging).

Here were the main takeaways from the evening:

Jason Njoku: As I like to call him, Mr. Keep It Real! Jason dished out the realist and honest advice I’ve ever heard from an entrepreneur. Often at times, I think we “romanticize” success, as if it’s something that “just” happens. Jason reminded the audience of his experiences, the path to his eventual success and a look into his future. When asked his advice on finding the right people to bring into an organization, Jason replied, “the best owners are those who are able to admit their faults and find others who are smarter than they.” He preached the notion of “working your bum off” and being okay with being your only “cheerleader” while you are building your business.

Oldine Jean-Charles: CEO/LJCL and founder of Interactive Life Social TV Project, Oldine gave great insight into her experiences and success. A woman after my own heart, Oldine moved from Atlanta to NYC in a fearless bout to pursue her dreams. She emphasized fearlessness, gusto, a plan and plan B, if the first should fall apart. She advised the audience to find people who are equally as passionate about your business as yourself. A skill can be taught but passion is inherit.

Janel Martinez: For me, Janel is a prime example of someone who leveraged their network to develop their dream. Although her site is less than two months old, Janel has shown what great and well executed content can do. She advised teaming up with an equally passionate partner, using social media to interact with her audience and gather advice from industry veterans, and having the courage to overcome fear and pursue your dreams.

Jacqueline Nwobu: Jacqueline showed what courage, hard work, finding your passion and under covering the right network can do. She is an excellent example of starting from the “bottom” and overcoming obstacles to succeed. Seeing a void in the wedding industry, Jacqueline and her husband created Manaluchi Bride Magazine to pander to the woman of color bride. Giving hope to the audience, Jacqueline advised persistence – as it is a character builder. Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your business.

Janell Hazelwood: I’ve gone to panels where the topic at hand and presenters were great BUT the moderator was dry and boring. This was not the case. Janell was simply divine. She asked relevant questions, kept everyone in line and moved the discussion along as a silk thread. She also injected humor when necessary and challenged the panelists with hard hitting questions. She left no stones un-turned and did a wonderful job.

Granted, I am the social media editor at Innov8tiv, I can honestly say that this panel was great. I walked away feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my entrepreneural dreams.

Take a look at the event via Storify below and click on Black Enterprise to see the event recap pictures:

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