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PaperGram Tweak Automatically Changes iPhone Wallpapers with Instagram Feed Images

by Fahad Saleem

Wallpapers in your iPhone are of vital importance. A good, inspiring and beautiful wallpaper could make your day, change your mood, lift you up from sadness and despair. iPhone users do not have many options in choosing wallpapers because the in-built wallpaper collection in iPhone is limited. You cannot use spammy third party apps which promise good wallpapers but do nothing. What about Instagram? All those inspiring, beautiful images, quotes, sceneries you come across on Instagram are really uplifting. Instagram feeds are full of great images. One can really get inspired and excited after seeing them. What if you tell you that you can make your iPhone automatically get all your favorite Instagram images and set them as your iPhone wallpaper, one picture at a time, changing periodically according to the time set by you? Yes! That is perfectly possible, but only if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

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Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically From Instagram Photos

Meet PaperGram, an amazing tweak which takes photos from Instagram feeds and set them as your wallpapers. All you have to do is to tell the app about the feed which you want to take images from. Everything will be done at the backend.

PaperGram actually downloads the images from the Instagram feeds, and set the as your iPhone wallpaper seamlessly. You will never know that your iPhone wallpaper has been changed unless you press the Home button and actually see it. This seamless mechanism makes this tweak stand out among a plethora of other automatic wallpaper tweaks and apps in iPhone.

PaperGram changes the wallpapers after a set time interval. You can give this time interval in the app settings.

Here’s the settings menu where you can configure different settings of the PaperGram app.

papegram wallpaper feed 2

You can give the feeds manually. It is also important to note that you can set different feeds for Lockscreen and Home screen wallpapers. That means you can get different varieties of wallpapers at different places in your iPhone.

You can enable or disable the PaperGram app from the screen or going to the settings.

You can download PaperGram app for free from the BigBoss repo Cydia.

Featured Image: PassiveTech

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