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Passing The NI LabView CLAD Certification Exam with PrepAway Test Prep

Passing The NI LabView CLAD Certification Exam with PrepAway Test Prep

LabVIEW is a very popular software that has been created by NI (National Instruments) corporation with the boom of computers and a great demand for graphical development platforms. Today it is used by developers and anyone who is skilled in working on it. There are many LabVIEW certifications that NI provides and all of them are helpful in a person’s career. If you get a certification from NI, then it automatically uplifts your status in the professional market. This is because the certification will validate your skills and let the world know that you know how to develop content using LabVIEW.

One of the main certifications from NI is CLAD. It is an entry-level LabVIEW certification and is one of the best ones that you can find. NI CLAD exam demonstrates some very important things like your understanding of the functionality and core features that LabVIEW offers. If you are able to earn NI LabVIEW CLAD certification, then it will validate your skills that are needed to understand the existing LabVIEW code.

For a programmer, this is an essential skill because if a programmer is unable to understand code that was written by another programmer, then your survival in the professional world will become strenuous and extremely difficult.

If you passNI CLAD exam and earn the certification, then you will get a professional certification badge logo and your name will also appear on LabVIEW certification can get you your dream job and anyone who has earned this certification has a better chance in the professional sphere.

The Exam

If you want to take the CLAD exam, then it is important that you first have at least six months of experience in LabVIEW development. If a person has at least three months of experience, then he should also have completed a training course for LabVIEW Core 1 and 2. These are the only two conditions in which the person is allowed to take CLAD exam.

There are no prerequisites of the exam and it is based on multiple-choice questions. The candidate has to answer all of the questions within 1 hour. There are two locations to choose from where CLAD exams are conducted, one is any NI branch office and the other is the Pearson VUE testing center. There is a total of 40 questions that appear in the exam and the candidate should have answered at least 70% correct answers to pass the exam.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that when it comes to CLAD certification, then it is not a onetime thing. Instead, you will have to recertify yourself after a period of 2 years, this is because NI wants you to be up to date. The technologies and features of LabVIEW tend to change over the years, that is why your certification will almost become obsolete in a matter of years. This is because NI wants the candidates to recertify Pass The Exams Now.


You can find preparation material for NI CLAD exam straight from NI’s website. You can find the LabVIEW CLAD review slides on the website. There are a total of 40 slides in the file that cover all the essential topics that you should know for preparation. It is recommended for you to take each slide at a time, review it and then ask the necessary questions related to that slide before you move on. This process proves to be the most useful as there are only 40 slides and it will not take long for you to go through all of them.

NI also provides a preparation guide in PDF format that will guide you through the whole course. With the help of this guide, you can make sure that you have learned all the important topics that might appear inNI CLAD exam. Along with the study guide, you can also watch videos to understand the basic concepts of LabVIEW. Some people tend to miss a few basic concepts that are required to passNI CLAD exam, with the help of the videos you can make sure that you have learned all of those concepts.

Aside from this, you can very easily find practice quizzes and exams. There are many different types of quizzes and each quiz is for a specific level. For example, sample exam 1 will have relatively easier questions as compared to sample exam 2 and 3. As you progress, then you can also upgrade your practice questions to make it a little more challenging.


Recertification is quite important especially when it comes to NI CLAD exam. If a candidate recertifies himself, then it shows that the person is aware of the latest features of the software and is fully able to work with them. Recertification maintains a person’s presence as an expert in the software and keeps your certification active and valid. As mentioned earlier, NI CLAD exam is for an entry-level certification and there are higher certifications as well.

That is why the candidate has the choice to either recertify themselves or go for a higher certification level. There are three levels of certification, the first one is active which is immediately achieved as soon as the person passes the exam, and then he must wait for recertification that includes a period of 2 years. If a person fails to recertify himself due to any reasons, then the certification undergoes suspension. Then, after a few months, the individual’s name is removed from NI’s website. If the suspended status remains for a year then the state is changed to inactive.


For a programmer, NI CLAD exam is a great opportunity which he cannot afford to miss. LabVIEW is used for many purposes and to have the full expertise of the software is a great skill to have. If you already possess the skill and are then certified by NI then it gives you an edge over others. Employers will know that you are professional and are able to solve LabVIEW problems and that will boost your career.

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