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Peach: A New Social Media Messaging App Getting Massive Fame

by Fahad Saleem

Here you go: a new year, and a whole new lot of apps starting making headlines. Messaging is definitely going to be the hottest area of social media ecosystem around the world. Meet Peach, a new, slick, cool messaging app which has been making a lot of headlines lately. What’s new in Peach and what makes it stand out among a gozillion of  new messaging apps? Let’s find out.

Peach: New iOS App for Social Connections and Messaging

The sign-up procedure is pretty quick. No chase, simple and to the point.

Peach is a perfect amalgamation of Twitter and Facebook. It has a Twitter-like interface model, where you can post all the stuff. You can post GIFs, songs, posts, statuses. There are no direct messages on Peach.

If you are listening to a song, you can just post it and share it on Peach and your friends could open it from Spotify or iTunes.

Then there are “magic words” using which you can type and invoke Peach’s automatic functions. For example, writing “GIF” on Peach text box will give you an option to search and post GIF. Writing “song” will open a lot of songs from where you can post it. You can “like” people’s statuses and activities. You can post photos and videos from gallery and direct camera too. You can send “friend requests” to people, just like Facebook.

peach app for ios messaging 2

peach app for iOS messaging 1

You can also draw interesting random doodles on Peach by typing “Draw” and using the free draw feature.

peach ios app

Why Peach is Getting So Famous?

But why exactly Peach is becoming so famous? Two things. First, the founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, is behind Peach app. Hofmann’s name behind any app is bound to attract attention because of the huge success of Vine app. Secondly, there is a famous group called “Tech Twitter” on Twitter which consists of famous tech enthusiasts and testers. These techies are always quick to check and review the latest app and technologies. “Early Adopters”, they call themselves. So there is a natural trend that people follow what Tech Twitter follow, and Peach is one of the primary apps being discussed in the Tech Twitter’s circle these days.

Peach is up for iOS now, but an Android version will be soon out.

A lot of people are trying out Peach, so you should too. I am sure you will find it interesting.

Download Peach for iOS.

But will Peach get massive success and funding? Will it be a challenger to Facebook or Twitter? I say not. We had a couple of massive names like Meerkat and Ello (Facebook Killer- lol), but these apps were unable to garner a sustainable success. Let’s see what Peach could rally.

Share your thoughts in the comments and tell us you like Peach app or not.

Images: TechCrunch, recode

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