Peach CRM: A Cloud-based App from Insite Ltd

Peach CRM: A Cloud-based App from Insite Ltd

Previously Innov8tiv magazine covered the story of one Kenyan Fem Boss making big moves with ICT, Njeri Rionge. Rionge founded the Insite Ltd which seeks to provide SMEs with cloud based solutions at a fee of Sh1,000 (US$11.5). Today Innov8tiv takes a look at one of the fully developed and launched application this ICT Company has in store for the Kenyan entrepreneurs.

Dubbed Peach CRM, this is a useful application from Insite Ltd that enable businesses knowledge management systems, ticket management systems, support statistics and many other useful features which will take your organization’s customers’ relationship

management to the next higher level. When it comes to customer conversations management, many organizations realize that a lot of that gets lost in the support representative’s mailbox. There is no denying that email is one of the best platform for sharing information, but when you start receiving many emails regularly. Most organization realize that a purely email-based system are no longer effective when it comes to analyzing which tickets should be prioritized first place.

This was the market gap identified by Insite Ltd when they developed the Peach CRM app, which will save the organization from fire-fighting with all the email-based support. Peach CRM pride

itself of enabling you keep track of which conversation need your attention right away, and which one can be handled later. The developers say that this quality of Peach CRM sets it apart from other currently existing smart ticketing services. It also has another impressive feature, every support conversation is logged inside the individual customer’s ticket, thus a new customer care representative will know by just a glance which other representative has been handling the ticket and the details of what was said prior. Other features on Peach CRM are as summarized below:
  • Sales Automation: Peach CRM delivers all the sales too you need to keep track
    the organization’s sales prospects in real-time at the convenience of using your mobile phone whether it’s a Blackberry, iPhone, Android or iPad. Ensuring you collaborate easily with your colleagues and better manage the sales activities thus ensuring you always have a good grasp of the conversations and can make wise business decision based on that.
  • Inventory Management: Peach prides itself of being the best app for keeping track of all your stock levels and inventory. With it, you could manage multiple-warehouses, refunds and stock transfers among others.
  • Contacts Management: Any successful organization has a big volume of contacts of suppliers, buyers, business prospects among others. Valuable contacts gives the organization its lifeline. But the sheer volume of them could lead to getting contacts mixed up, loosing critical contacts
    among others. Peach CRM helps out by seamlessly integrating your vital applications with important details like new accounts, account history, internal relations and previous communication. It also enables you to share your contact information with your team member in a faster and neater way, at just the click of a button. 

The Peach CRM goes a long way to show how the African entrepreneur has come of age in terms of appreciating technology in enhancing business activities.

Felix Omondi

Kenyan citizen with a passion for writing for as long as I can remember. In my spare time, I like to blog and read up on trends that's happening around the world.

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