The Pearl Dream

The Pearl Dream

I was thrilled to have stumbled across The Pearl Dream, Inc.’s display table at the NY Tech Day 2014 event. Decorated with African décor and figurines, the display table stood out with rich, earthly colors that emanated from the table’s setting—along with the welcoming smiles of the company’s founders.

Brian Asingia, CEO and Franco Abott, CTO founded their company The Pearl Dream, Inc. as a response to what they considered to be a lack of “authentic African edu-tainment in the U.S.” So in 2013, Brian and Franco set out with a plan to deliver content written by African authors and consisting of both traditional folk tales and original, contemporary tales.

I must add that I truly enjoyed the sample stories Brian and Franco demonstrated. Unlike current content for young viewers, The Pearl Dream provides a new form of story—one that truly illustrates the beauty of African culture and history through interactive e-reading. Parents and teachers can easily use this form of uniquely charming edu-tainment to improve reading skills in young children, to learn more about African history and culture, and to expose young children to other forms of story-telling.

In addition to The Pearl Dream, Inc.’s goal to improve child learning and culture exposure within the U.S., Brian and Franco expressed, “We partner with authors from all over Africa and are expanding our educational partnerships by offering 50% discounts to schools and libraries. Contributors and users of our products directly create a positive impact on Africa’s sustainable development through art, music, education, media and travel.” This Dream Team is serious about improving education for all children—internationally!

The company’s founders have integrated their passion for story-telling with technology, creating the DreamAfrica app for children to access content on their Apple or Android devices. The Pearl Dream, Inc. company has been working to extend the company’s TV series and game development efforts along with featuring their DreamAfrica app via platforms such as Roku, InCar systems, TV and more.

Visit The Pearl Dream, Inc. for more information about the company’s mission and products. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter via #DreamAfrica for exclusive updates and ways in which you can contribute to childhood learning internationally.

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