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People browsing using Chrome were quietly logged into their Google accounts without their consents | So much for users’ Privacy

A professor at Johns Hopkins and a cryptography expert, Matthew Green, called out Google for making changes to Chrome, making the browser log in users into their Google account without the consent or even notifying them. A move security experts say puts the users’ privacy into jeopardy.

Historically, Chrome users have had the option of

using the browser without logging in to their Google accounts. Although logging in does come with some obvious benefits such as having your bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history synced in the cloud and available across any device you are browsing on using the Chrome browser.

However, for security-conscious users who do not have Google – the most

prominent advertising entity in the world – have their browsing data for purposes of sending them targeted Ads. Now that Google has made changes to the new Chrome to make the browser log users secretly into their Google Accounts means Google will get the data of users who would otherwise not have logged into their accounts.

Google has

come out addressing these concerns raised by security experts stressing that users must have consented to the sync feature thus allowing the browser to transfer their data. Buried in the sync feature, is the revelation that for the sync feature as it works out will automatically also log you into your Google account.

So when a user logs in to their Gmail account on the browser, Chrome also automatically logs into their Google account. All that happens without the consent of the user or the user getting notifications.

Now that I’m forced to log into Chrome,” wrote Green, “I’m faced with a brand new (sync consent) menu I’ve never seen before.”

Felix Omondi

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