People with mobility/motor challenges can now operate Android phones with Voice

People with mobility/motor challenges can now operate Android phones with ease

Google has launched an Android app designed to help people with mobility and motor challenges operate smartphones.

Dubbed the Voice Access, this app allows Android devices users with mobility and motor challenges navigate through menus, open/close apps, write/edit text, and even talk to the Google Assistant all through voice commands.

The app even allows users to do very specific tasks such as adjust the controls within apps, lower or raise the volume among other things. The app also allows users to scroll up/down and navigate the app screens.

For instance, if a user wants to write or edit a text, they can start by calling out ‘Ok Google’ and then proceed to open the app they would like to use by saying the ‘open’ command. The user will mostly operate the app by calling out numbers assigned to given areas within the app they would like to interact with. The user will then speak out the number assigned to an area (field) for typing and then dictate out their message and edit it as they wish.

Editing written (or is it dictated) text can be done by speaking something along the line of ‘delete the line’ or ‘undo.’ When they are done with typing (dictating) they can say something like ‘stop listening’ to stop typing.

Google has listed a bunch of commands users can use to operate the app on the Support Page here. They have also listed the number of phone settings and general commands you can execute on your phone using the Voice Access.

While the app was designed from the ground up with people living with Parkinson’s diseases, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries, people that got their hands full can use it as well.

Currently, the app is only available for English-speaking users, but Google says more languages support is in the works.

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