Personal Software Inspector (PSI) will be retired come April 20 – announces Secunia

Personal Software Inspector (PSI) will be retired come April 20 – announces Secunia

Most people don’t think about how they will be actively taking control of their computer and mobile device security when buying them. They simply think of what it enables them to do, and very little attention goes into what they will need to do to the device to keep it running smoothly. Well, Secunia has a decade-long history of taking away this concern for most people through its autonomous program Personal Software Inspector (PSI).

Turns out, come April 20th, 2018, you will no longer be able to enjoy PSI. That is because Secunia announced they are going to retire the decade-old tool on the said date.

What does Personal Software Inspector (PSI) do?

There is a chance you don’t know what PSI is or what it does. Well, about a decade ago, Secunia launched PSI as a web tool, which allows visitors to the site scan their Windows systems and detect any security issued and outdated programs. The user will then go ahead to update their system.

Secunia later moved from the online tool and released a standalone software program; PSI version 3.0. Though the program streamlined the interface, it lacked some of the features in the previous online version. That is probably why its popularity began fading away and to this day, not that many people are aware of it.

Well, come April 20, 2018, PSI will reach the end of its life. The announcement was made on the product’s official website, and the download link is no longer available.

Alternatives to PSI

If you have all along been using PSI, the move to retire it must probably not sit well with you. While there nothing much you can do about it, other than uninstall it and find the appropriate replacement in time. Well, the following alternatives will be a good place to being your search for the replacement:

Kaspersky beta Software Update checker

Avira Free Software Update

UCheck by RogueKiller

Sumo 4 and new Pro version

Patch My PC Updater

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