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The Phat StartUp Host Events in New York City, You Don’t Want To Miss

by Felix Omondi

The Phat Startup, a social enterprise that has set itself out to develop tools, resources and host events meant to help entrepreneurs with a love for the Hip Hop music will be hosting two high profiled events this coming July. They are as follows:

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the VC World W/ Nikhil Kalghatgi

This event slated for July 9th, 2014 in Manhattan, New York hosted by Nikhil Kalghatgi. The event promises to give startup-entrepreneurs, real answers to the questions you have been having especially when it comes to what makes the VCs tick; how they feel about the industry, why they make their investment decisions and their opinions on investments.

The Phat StartUp Events Coming To New York This July, You Don’t Want To Miss

The event will be a 30 people only event, and unlike most other events. There will be no cameras, no social media and no sponsors. Just a raw presentation by Nikhil, the manager of Vast Ventures, he is going to give it to you raw, break the status quo, be 100% honest and upfront about anything and everything you as a startup-entrepreneur might have to ask.

The rules of engagement for this event as he simply puts it; there will be no buII$*&t and no recording devices, and by that he means you are only allowed to use your cellphone, but no social media business will be tolerated. For more details about this event, click here.

Hacking The Music Industry W/ Ryan Leslie

The event is happening on July 15th, 2014. Like the July 9th event, it’s also a Real-Questions-Real-Answers type of event. The host, Ryan Leslie needs no introductions he has been on the music scene for 15 years now and counting. . My personal best Ryan Leslie lines, “You’re my Diamond girl, you’re the one I put the rock on

The Phat StartUp Events Coming To New York This July, You Don’t Want To Miss

Ryan has released some of the greatest Hip Hop tracks around. He also has a thing for technology; he built the “Disruptive Multimedia” from scratch to ensure that true Hip Hop music lovers get the kind of music they deserve. He has been working with technology since back in the days when he was studying at Harvard. Now he wants to give back to the community the best way he knows how; through Hip Hop music.

If you are a cool-geek and you have figured out an innovative new technology that could take the music industry steps higher, up the ladder. Then this is the event you need to pitch your ideas at. The event will attract several high profiled investors, and if you can kick off their socks with your pitched ideas, you just might get you big break and #Bossup. So get your ‘General Admissions’ ticket in order to attend this event.

For the upcoming Hip Hop music artists, who have been dying to showcase their musical talents, this is might also just be your big break. You will get the opportunity to pitch your musical talents to Ryan himself, and who knows. You just might be the next discovery by Ryan Leslie. But first, you need to get yourself the ‘Meet and Greet’ ticket to attend.

For more details about the Hacking The Music Industry w/ Ryan Leslie event follow this link.

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