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The Phat Startup’s #Tech808 Event Recap

by Lisa Leid

The Phat Startup’s #Tech808 Event Recap

Credit: The Phat Startup

Credit: The Phat Startup

The Phat Startup is paving the way to bring a new flavor to tech conference scene by creating Tech808. The conference was held on November 21 and was hosted by NYU Tisch -Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Tech808 is a conference focused on entrepreneurs who love Hip Hop. This was evident as you step into the auditorium with the sounds of hip hop that echoed in the room and throughout the program.

“Everyday I’m hustling” was the sound track played for every tech entrepreneur trying to get their start-up off the ground.

One of highlight of the conference was a fireside chat with Young Guru, Recording Engineer & DJ for Jay Z. Guru believed that you should “Be yourself and come up with your own idea”. Guru also stated “In my opinion we need to stop trying to be like the next Jay Z or Facebook. It’s ok to be original. In regards to the future of tech, he believes “that streaming and live shows are the future”.

The Tech 808 Conference also included:

A panel titled “0-100 Real Quick, Defining Your Hustle”. The panelist gave words of wisdom to the hustlers in the audience:
CJ Peters CEO & Founder, Konsole Kingz  “If you have a list rank what you can do now”

Devo Springsteen Founder & CEO, Adventr; “You need to have a customer before you have a product” and”The second dollar is easier to get than the first dollar” .

Trevor Owens Founder, Javelin & Lean Startup Machine; “Assume your first business is going to fail” and “Entrepreneurs don’t abide by the rules”.

After the conference was over Innov8tiv spoke with Anthony Frasier co-founder of The Phat StartUp to get his thoughts on the conference.
“I’m feeling definitely relived and more so, I feel proud. After tech808 it makes me feel great about the future for The PhatStartUp. People are walking around saying that they are loving it and they got something out of it. Value is the number one thing that we are trying to provide. So as long we provide value then I am happy” .

Next for The Phat StartUp is the launch of a membership platform and planning another Tech808 conference.

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