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This Philips Wakeup Light Wakes You Up By Spreading Sunlight Effects in Your Room

by Fahad Saleem

For thousands of years, man had been waking up by the natural sunlight and environmental dynamics. But post-industrial societies transformed the way we wake up, work and live our lives. But it seems smartphones and alarms have failed to wake us up pleasantly and smoothly. That’s why electronics company Philips came up with a great new idea: a light alarm which creates effects of sunlight in your room and also produces sounds so you can wake up in a natural way to start your day.

Philips HF3500/60 Wake-Up Light (other models are available too) starts lighting your room with a very dim light (think of a bedroom lamp) and slowly increases the shine to reach the glimmering effects of the sunlight. It also starts producing sound. But before it starts beeping, it lightens your room so you wake up to a pinch of reality, what lies ahead: a sunlight, a day full of activity, brightness and hope.


The 200 lux brightness from this Philips light is designed by taking into account the human psychology. There are no snooze buttons, so you don’t have to fight that temptation from the start. The light isn’t irritating. There is a bleeping sound to tease you a bit so at least you get awake. Once you see the lights and feel the day vibe, it’s easy to get up from the bed.


There are five options when it comes to wakeup sounds. So you can change the wake up alarm sound if you hate the default bleeps. Philips Wakeup light also has an FM radio. You can even set two different alarms at the same time.

You can buy Philips Wakeup lights from Amazon. There is an offer in progress using which you can avail special discounts. The advanced light which has sound options and FM radio costs around $110, while the basic model, which has no radio or different sound selection options, is available for just $58. But lighting system of the basic model works just as excellent as that in the advanced model.

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