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Picking the Most Relevant SEO Software for Your Business Website


SEO software is crucial to make your website function smoothly and follow all Google algorithms. However, it is challenging to pick a high-quality SEO application to follow all the metrics of your website’s performance and competitors’ achievements. Moreover, such software is relatively expensive, and you may never be sure it will meet all your needs.

That is why we have prepared this set of essential tips on choosing a decent SEO app and what features to consider.

Consider Basic Functionality First

The first thing you need from your SEO software is to gather information about how your visitors or potential customers reach your website. That is why efficient tracking of various rankings is a priority. You should also be aware of all the data that has ever been related to your site. Finally, the app must inform you about the measures to generate more traffic and conversions. This part of SEO analysis is known as a website audit.

Another part of SEO tools’ functionality is researching keywords, understanding the SERPs, and analyzing visitors’ behavior and needs. Such cutting-edge software has to be combined with specific tools for PPC analysis to run efficient advertising campaigns via the search engine of your interest.

Think About the Price

So, you understand that effective SEO apps cost a lot. Though, you should think about acquiring them if you are looking forward to more success for your site. Nevertheless, you can analyze your needs before purchasing software to reduce costs. If you choose the basic functionality only, you can pay about $100-150 per month and not more. However, you will need to pay more considerable amounts if you need some specific features.

Main Features of an Effective SEO Tool You May Need

The question is – how can you distinguish a high-quality SEO tool from a poor-quality instrument? Of course, you can compare several tools’ main features to pick the best one. However, there are specific characteristics your SEO app should have for sure.

Traffic Ranking

This feature is absolutely essential. You need to know how well your website performs when shown in Google Search and what you can do to improve the rankings. You may also be interested in your site’s appearance compared to your competitors. Rank trafficking can provide you with the information related to:

  • increases and decreases in rankings;
  • the results of your recent link-building campaigns;
  • appropriate methods for consistent on-page SEO;
  • your website pages that go first and last by their rankings;
  • keywords that can attract new traffic.

Therefore, efficient rankings for traffic can show you all the results you may need and highlight the areas that need improvement.

On-Page Audit

There are specific SEO tools online, such as, that can provide you with the complex of technical website audits and SEO analysis. They are good value for the price if you need a complete audit of your site and research for more sophisticated information than simple numbers and ranks.

If your site has problems with visibility or accessibility, doing the audit is a must. You will obtain details about the functionality of meta titles, descriptions, keyword density, heading optimization, and many other problems. High-quality software will detect the issue and make improvements.

Such tools usually crawl the entire site for accurate on-page assessment and provide you with a deep vision of everything that is happening. SEO apps with built-in audit capacities are the best choice. You will only need to see whether the quantity of pages chosen for analysis is limited per month or not. If it is, you will be required to pay extra.

Research of Keywords

Keywords are also essential. Due to them, your website will perform effectively or fail. Even the most basic packages of SEO apps can provide proper research to decide which keywords are the most effective. Organic driving of traffic is the primary task of high-quality keywords. Use an SEO tool to analyze how the existing keywords work, the prospects of their functionality, and how to pick the best keywords for your specific web pages. Such instruments can also provide many statistics and data for improving Google searches. You will see the number of clicks and their value on Google Adwords and the competitors’ manipulations with the essential keyword based on Google rankings.

Remember that all the statistics are pretty vital because you will see the possible future performance of every keyword and all the needs for improvements. You will also get advice on keywords for meta tags, or how useful they are in headings or descriptions. Properly chosen keywords will improve the position of your website on the first pages of the Google search engine.

Tools for Competition Analysis

A high-quality SEO tool should also help you analyze your competitors’ actions in the niche. Such analysis usually consists of three parts – authority metrics, social media presence, and backlink analysis. They effectively correlate with each other and function together.

The backlink analyzer is essential for assessing the performance and usefulness of backlinks coming from your opponents. You will see whether they lead to reliable sources and the traffic amount they can generate. You may even think about using the same backlink strategy.

The tool that provides analysis of the site’s performance on social media can show you information about your opponents’ activity there and the achievements they have gained from that (including the number of retweets, comments, or likes). So, you will see what topics are important for your competitors and their followers and how excellently they develop these topics for their benefit. You can also develop a similar strategy for your website.

The authority metrics reveal the domain and page authorities for the site or web page of your interest. Therefore, you can evaluate the specific results concerning every separate page. This information shows your possible opportunities to get higher in Google Search. In addition, this statistical data shows your website’s overall health and productivity and demonstrates which pages need repair or more consistent backlinks.

Final Thoughts

So, if you need an efficient SEO tool, consider all your needs first. If you want to improve the content, opt for the software that deals with keywords. If you want continuous website audits to enhance its overall performance, check the instruments that can facilitate improvements in the technical part.

Even if you have made some valuable changes to one part of your site, it does not exclude the necessity of making changes to its other parts. That is why your website and business will substantially improve if you pick out two or more pieces of SEO software that can perform different tasks.

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