Play the fun, brain-teasing Jelly Cube – Soft Bomb mobile game

Play the fun, brain-teasing Jelly Cube – Soft Bomb mobile game

Mobile games can be a lifesaver, especially during certain times when a distraction could come in handy. Take, for instance, those occasions when you are stuck in a long queue waiting to be served, and the attendant is slow and rude as hell. To avoid feeling frustrated, taking out your smartphone and trying to push to the next level of the game would make time fly fast. You will not even realize how time went by until you are up next to get served.

While mobile games certainly do have their advantages of killing time, finding a good game can be a challenge. As you might already know, not all mobile games are equal. It is for that reason that we present to you Jelly Cube – Soft Bomb. A mobile game developed by ZPLAY that gives you intuitive controls and simple enough to play with just one hand.

The game also comes with a combination of predictions and selections on various results hidden beneath the game. You play the game by tilting your screen by sliding the jelly cubes up and down, left and right side of the 3D plate. When the jelly rolls and align themselves due to the law of gravity. Those that will side by side and have a matching color will pop up.

Jelly Cube game is also Mentally Stimulating

You should exercise your brain every chance you get. That is exactly what Jelly Cube does to your brain. It improves your cognitive ability and put to task your brain’s power to predict and capacity to make quick decisions.

After playing the game for a while, you will start to understand the jelly cubes’ current and future circumstances. The game improves your utilization ability with time, and you will find yourself matching circumstances by combining and separating the jelly cubes.

For a test drive, install the Jelly Cube – Soft Bomb mobile to your iOS device right now, at this link.

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