How to Play Pokemon Go on PC

Pokemon Go is all over the internet these days as this mobile game taps untouched domain of mobile gameplay: wandering out there in the real world. But many people have asked us how to play Pokemon on PC as they do not have time and energy to be out there in search of Pokemons. Fortunately, you can play Pokemon Go on PC, thanks the Youtuber Travis D. The idea is simple: you can use the BlueStacks Android emulator to play Pokemon Go. But wait! What about the locations and stuff? This is where GPS spoofing comes in. The source has also figured out a way to trick the GPS of the mobile device so you can play Pokemon Go without going out there.

Just download and install BlueStacks in your PC. Check out our simple guide

on how to install BlueStacks to play Android mobile games on your computer. You will have to download Kingroot apk file and load it to BlueStacks first.

You can go through the complete guide on the video provided below. It also includes a way to spoof GPS so that you can easily play Pokemon Go from your desk.


Fahad Saleem

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