How to Play Secret Soccer Game in Facebook Messenger

Facebook keeps hiding super addictive games in its Messenger app. When users find it and learn how to play them, things turn amazingly interesting. A few weeks ago we told you how to play Facebook’s Basketball game. That guide garnered a massive response from our readers and thousands of people installed Basketball addictive game and played it. Today, we will show you how to find and play Facebook soccer game in Messenger app. Yes! Facebook messenger has a great soccer, football game which is rolled out as the seasons of Europ2016 and Copa America kicked off. Without any further ado, here is how to play Facebook Messenger soccer game.

Play Secret Soccer Game in Facebook Messenger

Just open the Messenger app in your smartphone and send the soccer emoji to your friend with whom you want to play the game. You can find the soccer emoji from the emoticons options.

After sending the soccer icon, tap on it (the sent icon) and the game will be started.

Image Credit: TheNextWeb

Do not get confused if you don’t see any goal and players. It is a simple addictive game and you just have to keep the ball tapping in the air. It might sound very easy, but after 10-15 bounces, the game gets difficult. Different distractions start pouring in and you will find it interesting yet challenging.

Facebook’s is slowly rolling out this game across the globe. It must be available in your country, but in case nothing happens when you tap those sent soccer ball emoji to your friend, this means the update is currently not available. Just keep an eye and it will be up very soon.

Tell us your high scores in this game in the comments below.

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