How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background in Android and iPhone (Guide)

Playing YouTube videos in the background in Android and iPhone is something desired by millions of mobile users around the world. Most of the amazing and addictive songs and videos are on YouTube. Sometimes you just want to listen to a YouTube video and do other tasks like messaging with your friends of Facebook and Twitter surfing. On a normal mode, YouTube video stops when you shift to another app. In this article, I will talk about how to play YouTube videos in the background while doing other tasks in Android and iPhones.

Using Firefox Browser

You can use Firefox’s mobile app to play YouTube videos without worrying about them stopping when you do other tasks. This means you will have to stop using YouTube app and play all the YouTube videos in the Firefox browser. This is a fair option as there is nothing special about the YouTube app which is not available in the browser mode.

Using YouTube Red

YouTube is aware of the problem in question, and that’s why it rolled out the Background Play feature in its YouTube Red subscription model. You can pay $9.99 a month and play YouTube videos in the background in Android and iPhone. The subscription also packs free Google Play Music and ad-free YouTube experience.

Pop-Up Video Pro

This app play YouTube videos in a small, drag-able window. So you can watch and listen to a YouTube video on some corner of your screen while doing other tasks on your phone.

A Trick in Safari Browser

There is a nice trick for iPhone and iPad users using which they can play YouTube videos in the background. Launch Safari browser and open YouTube website. Now open any video. When the video starts playing, press the Home button. As expected, the video will pause. Now Swipe up from down to bring the Control Center. Tap that big ‘Play’ button and lo and behold! YouTube video will start playing in the background. Isn’t it amazing?

I guess the above mentioned solutions are enough to enable you to play YouTube videos in background. Enjoy listening to your favorite motivational videos and songs while multi-tasking on your mobile phones!

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