PlayGalaxy Link | Is Samsung planning on launching its own Gaming Service?

samsung playgalaxy link

When people talk about the world moving towards virtual reality and augmented reality, gamers are perplexed. As a modest gamer myself, I would say we (gamers) have been living in a VR and AR for eons now.

Samsung might be working to tap into this market. This week, the company filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the name PlayGalaxy link.

The details of the patent were published on April 26th, and it is categorized as Class 9 and 41 with descriptions such as:

Smartphones; downloadable game software, service for online game tournaments, service for playing online Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games, service accessible for mobile devices

The patenting of PlayGalaxy link comes against the backdrop of Samsung partnership with Hatch; the publisher of the popular mobile game, Angry Birds. After that partnership, Samsung announced three-month-long free access to Hatch Premium content for anyone who buys the Galaxy S10 5G phone in Korea.

Based on the description of the PlayGalaxy Link patent, though we don’t have many details to work with, I think it would be safe to say it will work like the Apple Arcade.

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