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PlayStation 5 coming out in 2020, alongside a new PSVR 2 – says authoritative sources

by Felix Omondi
PlayStation 5 coming out in 2020, alongside a new PSVR 2 - says authoritative sources

Sony deflated the enthusiasm most gamers and gaming news reporters had about the upcoming E3 2019 conference, by confirming it will not be attending the event. And immediately speculators like us, though the reason behind it is because they don’t want the release of the PlayStation 5 to share the limelight with other gaming related activities.

Well, it turns out that was actually true, as confirmed by one authoritative Redditor RuthenicCookie. We say authoritatively because news about Sony not attending E3 2019 first emerged from the same source, and true enough, Sony confirmed they will not be attending the event.

In the same thread, RuthenicCookie reveals information on the PlayStation 5 and the PSVR 2. Saying that the next generation of Sony gaming console will be launched in mid-2019 during a PlayStation Experience event. The actual release of the console to the general market will be in either March or November 2020. That would be seven years after the launch of PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 5 Titles already in the works

As we all know about any console worth its salt, its success will be hinged on the titles readily available to play on it. And that is why, Sony has already availed the PlayStation 5 development kit, which is also described as a “monster” by RuthenicCookie. It has Ryzen 8 core and comes with a $500 price tag.

Rumoured PlayStation 5 and PSVR2 Specs and Features

Other than the 2020 release date, RuthenicCookie claims the PS5 console is being built from the ground up around virtual reality. VR will be at its core. The console’s virtual reality system is also set for a major upgrade and released as PSVR2.

The PSVR2 will come with a built-in camera and possibly a reality glove for VR platform control. The console will also come with new PlayStation Move controllers. As far as titles are concerned, RuthenicCookie claims games such as Death Stranding, Ghost of Tshushima, and The Last of Us Part II will launch during the PS5 launch date. However, the majority of PS4 games released late will also have a PS5 version.

BioWare’s anticipated title, Anthem, will again be delayed until February 2019 for release. According to the same sources (RuthenicCookie), the title’s modified Frostbit engine is simply not working well with current generation consoles.

To ascertain the credibility of RuthenicCookie, (well, other than the earlier rumor, which has now been confirmed that Sony will not be attending the E3 2019 conference), we simply have to wait for a little over two months to see if indeed the title Anthem gets delayed. If it does, then we will have two reasons to believe that indeed PlayStation 5 launched date will be in 2020.

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