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PlayStation spent the most on TV Ads while Xbox spent higher than usual ($102.3 million) in October

by Felix Omondi

We are fast drawing to the end of the year. A time when consumer goods brands go all out to get your attention and convince you to buy their products during the festive season. Sony and Microsoft have been at each other’s throat throughout the year, trying to get you glued pressing buttons all-day every day on their gaming console.

Not only did the two companies produce the best flagship console for the year, but they are also spending unprecedented amounts in TV ads to get you to notice them. Video games ads made up to 60% of the October TV ads spending. That according to a partnership between GamesBeat and

Through the partnership, that measures TV ads in real-time tabulating the attention they get and the conversion rates. It does so by monitoring at least seven million smart TVs and gives monthly reports on how video games brands are spending. Based on the stats received and analyzed from the joint survey, the following are the top five gaming brands that spent the most in October in the United States.

Gaming ads went up to $102.3 million in October compared with $61.4 million in September. PlayStation is definitely way ahead of the competition when it comes to TV ads spending. Microsoft also increased its spending on TV ads to promote the Xbox gaming console, while Ubisoft also made also spent a significant amount promoting its games.

In overall, 36 brands ran 149 spots some 24,300 times and generated 4.8 billion impressions on TV.

PlayStation led the pack with an estimated $33.3 million spent on TV ads; 19 spots aired some 4,500 times and got some 1.2 billion impressions. The title with the biggest spending by PlayStation was the FIFA 18: El Tornado featuring players like Cristiano Ronaldo and James Harden took the lion’s share of PS’s spendings on Ad; an estimated $5.7 million. PlayStation prioritized spending on specific networks including Fox, ESPN, and Adult Swim. They also wanted their ads to run during programs like the NFL football, NBA basketball, and the college football games.

Xbox ads spending in October went significantly higher, from $7.1 million in September to $29.8 million in October. Xbox ran 10 spots more than 3,600 times generating some 1.1 billion impressions. The spot that got the biggest budget was Feel True Power, which has an estimated $10.2 million. Just like PlayStation, Xbox targeted sports fans, with ads running during the NFL and college football games including the 2017 World Series. The network that carried most of Xbox ads were ESPN, Fox, and NBC.

Nintendo was the third biggest spender on games, spending about $10.9 million on 24 spots that ran over 4,000 times and got 603.9 million impressions. The company biggest chunk of the ad budget went to Super Mario Odyssey: Jump Up, Super Star! The game ads cost the company some $2.3 million. Nintendo mostly ran its ads on Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and Nick. The shows with the most Nintendo spent include SpongeBob SquarePants, The Voice, and South Park.

Ubisoft came in at fourth place with an estimated spending of $6 million for 8 spots ran roughly 800 times and getting 230.7 million impressions. The lion’s share of the company’s ad budget went to Superhero Secret Identities. Ubisoft spent on the following networks the most; ESPN, Comedy Central, and CBS. As for the kind of programs they sponsored, they include NFL football, South Park, and college football.

Bethesda Softworks came in at fifth place with an ad spending of about $5.5 million for just three spots that aired 3,300 times and got 567.2 million impressions. The bulk of Bethesda ad budget went to Havoc; spending about $4.4 million. The network that carried much of Bethesda’s ads includes Comedy Central, AMC, and FX. While the programs that got much of the sponsorship include South Park, The Walking Dead, and the 2017 World Series.

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