poa! internet moves away from public Wi-Fi provision to supply internet connection to homes

poa internet

poa! internet is an internet service provider that has made a name for itself in providing affordable internet via public Wi-Fi in low-income neighborhoods of Nairobi. poa! internet public Wi-Fi hotspots have been concentrated mainly in slum areas in Nairobi such as Kibera and Kawangare.

The ISP package for the public Wi-Fi is perhaps the most affordable in the country with pricing being as low as Ksh. 10 for one-hour browsing and Ksh. 50 for whole day browsing.

The ISP now want to somewhat shift gears from supply internet connection via public Wi-Fi to connecting homes to affordable internet. Already, the ISP has registered over 1,500 homes looking to take up its new internet-to-homes services.

Getting Kibera residents online, with our unlimited wireless home connection service, represents a major break-through in ending Africa’s digital divide between the rich and urban connected, and the poor and rural unconnected,” said poa! internet CEO, Andy Halsall.

Thanks to poa! internet, residents living in these low-income neighborhoods, which often neglected in terms of proper infrastructure, will have the ability to connect up to five devices to their home Wi-Fi network at the same time. The ISP is particularly famous for its unlimited connection at very affordable prices.

We believe by offering to such an affordable and truly unlimited home service we are transforming the way our customers use the internet. Our customers, who live in both standalone houses and apartment blocks, often look for a service that allows them to access social media, stream online media, and carry out research, which, in the absence of local providers, can see them paying more than anyone on ad hoc MB focused data bundles,” said Andy.

To enable homes in Kibera and Kawangware connect to the poa! internet services, the ISP has fitted over 120 access points in schools, clinics, and public utilities.

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