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Most Popular New Android, iOS Apps and Games from March

by Fahad Saleem

The month of March experienced the launch of a plethora of new Android and iOS apps. But as usual, a very few managed to make it to the mark. Here are the best and most popular Android and iOS apps you should check out.

Total War Battles (Android)

Total War Battles is a great new Android game. It has unique graphics and sound game plan. You can build towns, soldiers, wage wars and defend using great tactics. There are some real time battles in the game which are shown in a unique way.

app 1

Winterstate (Android)

You get to command convoys in which there is that great and legendary “Knuckle Sam” Winterstate game lets you build powerful convoys, escape threats and chases. There are raiders of the dark night which attack you and you have to dodge them to reach to the location.

app 2

Confide (Android, iOS)

Confide is a decent messaging app which ensures security. It works on ephemeral chat model, which means that the message is deleted after you read it. The app also gives an auto-screenshot feature in order to take the screenshot of the messages for the later use. You can also make groups to chat in a collaborative manger. You can send photos, documents and large texts. This app is available for iOS and Android.

app 3

Instant (Android)

Instant app for Android tracks your activity. It’s a fitness tracker-cum activity tracker using which you can see and log all your movements, workout routine, locations you visited and more. It uses your location, Google maps to plot the places you visit so that you can see the patterns.

app 4

You can make the most out of your day using this app.

Create (iOS)

This is a powerful app which gives you a complete suite to create, edit and model the graphics work. You can edit photos, create full models, play with shapes and make new things using this app. It is a mini-photoshop. This app is easy to use and you can figure out the controls from the interface.

app 5

WhatToDo (Android)

WhatToDo is the best travel app using which you can book flights, hotels and other places without even moving an inch from your couch. This app has partners all over the world. Just download the app, open the places and hotels, read the details and reviews from the app or from the internet and launch the booking request.

app 6

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