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Post-Holiday Blues? 8 Tips to Getting Back your Psych For Work

8 Tips to Getting Back your Boost | Post-Holiday Blues

You often hear about tips the best holiday travel destination, tips on the most affordable flights to holiday destinations, tips on the best leisure activities in various tourists’ destination and so forth. However, little to none information exists on how you could regain your boost once you are back from your vacation and the post-holiday blues has got you feeling not up to speed with your regular hustle and bustle.

Well, online hotel booking portal has shared with us some tips on how to get over your post-holiday blues and be ready for your regular activities. The following are some eight tried and tested ways that according to Jovago will bounce you back to work in no time:

Be realistic

Whether gone for a day, a week or month; every hour off your work desk could mean a pile up, sometimes unanticipated. Handle what you can without getting yourself stressed out and possibly losing the benefits of the vacation. Prioritize what really matters, find out if anything happened while you were away and catch up on the updates as quick as is practically possible.

Test the jet lag, stiff neck excuse

Well, when the realistic path does not bear any fruit, try to pull this line on the most industrious people on that couple of mails you only managed to preview in your excitement. Jet lags and stiff necks are serious hazards in the new world, you might get away with it!

Cross it off your bucket list

Driving from Nairobi to Malindi may be different from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro; but they are both worthwhile activities that make some of our things-to-do before the year ends. As soon as you recover your breath; rediscover that list from the labyrinth of your bookshelf or your closet and proudly cross what is done. Remember no activity is too small, you are now a certified been-there-done-that! In the words of traveler and scholar, Ibn Battuta, “travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

Detox, rehydrate

The most common of little vices of the Wanderer is abandoning healthy eating and indulging in all kind of drinks apart from water. Hopefully, your all-time faithful water bottle will be patiently waiting for your come-back after your pre-vacation breakup. Staying hydrated after a long trip away from the usual will help your body to function better, therefore making your ease-in process even quicker.

Refresh your routine

One more thing that getting off from the familiar and discovering new regions does to the traveler is give them a fresh perspective on even the most mundane of tasks. Take advantage of this rejuvenation to hit the refresh button on the boring and predictable and inject some fun in there before it fades off. For instance, aim to make a new friend from your neighborhood or health club or even adapt a new and happy habit such as saying hello and good day to the askaris at your estate gate.

Create a to-do-list

Making a list works magic for most people; whether on the good old pen and notebook, sticky notes or on your desktop, this list helps one stay focused on a particular task to completion. List down about three assignments that must be tacked and allocate them time, once done, move on to list two of the second-priority batch and stay focused till all (practically) possible work is done.

Say thank you

It’s a good habit. If anyone sat in for you or covered up for the meeting that you missed, remember to say thank you to them. Be good and appreciating to people, even make them a few mahamris or buy them a bottle or several next time you go out as colleagues! There are more holidays coming…

Keep calm

However much you try to keep contact with the office while on vacation; you can never be quite certain on what awaits you. The best advice is to keep calm, give yourself clean and sane space to work in and avoid throwing in panic into your already growing backlog. Remember you’d rather have one task completed to satisfaction than several half-way done files on your desk.

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