POTUS attacks South Africa’s intentions for Land Expropriation but SA calls him out on being divisive, narrow, and sparking colonial memories


South Africa is not particularly pleased by a tweet made by Donald Trump, the U.S. President. In the tweet, Trump said he would have his secretary of stale look into the SA intentions to seize “land from white farmers.”

The tweet was in response to SA’s last month’s announcement that they will go ahead with implementing the proposed land redistribution plan, which was the fundamental principle of African National Congress (ANC) in its fight to overthrow colonial rule. Where the white-minority ruled the country.

However, after 24 years of ANC ruling and the end of apartheid, there has been little to no steps taken towards the land expropriation move. The white minority (9% of the population) still own about 72% of the farmland. That is according to the official figures given by the government.

Before to the said tweet by Trump, there was a documentary that ran on Fox News about the planned land reforms in South Africa. Shortly afterward, Trump made the tweet, even tagging Fox News host Tucker Carlson in the tweet.

The South African government went to Trump’s tuff (Twitter) to square out the misunderstanding and tweeted out the following:

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