Powerbeat3 Bluetooth Headphones Review


Headphones are ‘godsend’ devices especially when you want to operate hands-free. If you can get hold of a wireless one, the better as it means you stand no risk of getting tangled with all the wires as you move about. Today we are going to look at a slightly old Bluetooth headphone that has been in the market for a while; the Powerbeat3 headphones.

The Powerbeat3 headphone was among Apple’s first headphone to come with the company’s proprietary W1 chip. The design of the headphone makes it activity-focused with a bendable around-the-ear clip to make a secure fit and an in-ear portion for great audio experience.

From various users review, the headphone can be described as good, but it will be a stretch to say it is great. Nonetheless, it comes with some pretty beefy hardware such as the Apple W1 Bluetooth chip, which gives you several benefits, the biggest being a dead-simple pairing. The headphone can also go for 12 hours on a single charge.

The headphone comes in red, blue, white, yellow, and black colors. They are great for rigorous outdoor activities as they are sweat and rain proof, but not entirely waterproof. To keep the headphones firmly fixed to your earphone, it has an around-the-ear clip with a bending base for a nice fit into the ear. Various online reviewers say it is exceptionally comfortable to wear and has no strains or irritations to the ear.

Though some users say that the in-ear nub provided a good seal (and best sound experience) it rotates slightly when bending or running

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