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Practice4ne: An e-Learning Portal Giving Rwandese Students Materials

by Milicent Atieno
Practice4ne An Online Portal Giving Rwandese Students e-Learning Materials

Textbooks form the backbone of learning. However in most developing countries, the cost of buying a new textbook is often out of the reach of many. Leading scenarios where students in a classroom either sharing few textbooks among themselves, or using outdated textbooks, or entirely lack textbooks.

Practice4ne is a Rwanda-based online portal that offers elementary school, high school and university level students’ access to a wealth of current and past exercises, research papers, essays among other e-learning materials.

The Practice4ne e-learning portal has been customized to meet the ever changing Rwandese curriculum. The platform has been made simple and easy enough to use, with a user-centered designs providing a seamless experience for users whether they are surfing on their smartphone or laptop.

Most users on the platform like visiting the inspirational video block, skills and shared papers with content that extend beyond just the school curriculum. These contents are bound to teach you general life skills, with downloadable videos and materials covering various subjects like business, design, music, daily life matters and marketing skills.

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