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Precision Metal Cutting Tools, Machines & Applications


,The world has experienced technological advancements in a vast number of fields. In the past two decades, the technological sector has been boosted like never before. The same is the case with metal fabrication, the sector has accomplished some remarkable breakthroughs in recent years. Precision metal cutting has greatly improved as there’s a long list of sectors that rely on it. Starting from agriculture, military, aerospace, construction and whatnot. The variety of metal cutting tools allows you to choose the right one. The quality of the finished product directly depends on the tools you chose. Here are some of the tools, machines and applications used for precision metal cutting;

Plasma cutting

If you’re planning to thin and thick sheets of metal, the cutting can be easily done with the help of an accelerated jet of heated plasma with gas. This allows having clean results that have cuts without any distortion. The commonly worked materials are Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Steel, and Stainless steel. The advantage of plasma cutting is that it allows you to have a faster production speed economically and the cuts are very precise across wide-ranging applications. However, it is not the most efficient precision metal cutting tool.

Waterjet Cutting

It is one of the most remarkable techniques when it comes to metal cutting. It has a tight tolerance and is surely used for diverse purposes. In order to prepare the metal, it will need almost no machining. In this process, the intense cutting stream is used with the help of a jet of water at a very high speed to make it super-efficient. The pressure is built through a small orifice which is made from a worthy stone.

When talking about the pressure of waterjet cutting, it lies between 60,000 psi and 90,000 psi, it is aimed to produce a decent amount of energy that is capable of giving out a precise cut. The waterjet cutting accuracy is never compromised. The fun fact is that the focused stream moves at a velocity of up to three times the speed of sound, amazing isn’t it? Moreover, it also depends on how the water pressure is exerted too. This technique is efficient for penetrating through thicker material, it is remarkable for cutting metals such as Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Tungsten. This method is good for cutting exotic metals.


If the aim is to get cutouts and holes of different shapes and sizes in a metal sheet, punching is the tool for you. A shearing force is used to get the material out of a metal sheet by leaving out a diverse range of shapes such as square, rectangular or other geometric designs. The machine used in this process is known as a punch press, it is responsible for shaping and cutting out the metal. This machine is highly recommended for mass production. The process includes a punch tool, a punching press, a stock of metal sheets, and surely a die in the shape of the feature.

The advanced technology of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is responsible for positioning the metal piece on a conveyor where the punch is above and the die is beneath the sheet. CNC milling is also considered one of the most advanced technologies in this sector. Once it is cut, there are chances that it might leave burrs around the edges and resolve this dilemma, a secondary finishing operation is conducted, this method is beneficial for metals such as Carbon Steel, Copper, Galvanized Steel, and a few others.

Laser Cutting

It is one of the most astonishing precision metal cutting techniques. It is unique from other machines when it comes to design and efficiency. The best part about this method is that the laser doesn’t even come in contact with the metal to cut it, making it highly advanced. All the work is done by a high-energy power beam of light that performs action through an automated program. The beam in reality melts and evaporates the material and air is also used to help in the process of cutting.

Cutting down thicker material is never a problem with laser cutting technology as it is highly accurate. There’s no denying the fact that laser beams can cut versatile shapes too. It is best for cutting materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and many others. It is one of the most preferred precision metal cutting tools, as it has a remarkably high success rate, and the attainment of quality product is promised.

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