Predictive Text Disappeared in my iPhone: Fix No Text, Emoji Predictions in Messages, SMS

Predictive text is really helpful while you are texting. The best part of predictive text in iPhone is that it learns your texting habits and starts predicting words and even complete phrases when you are texting. But some iPhone users report that predictive text disappeared in iPhone. There is no predictive text in iMessages, SMS or Email. If your predictive text feature has disappeared in iMessages or the SMS app, follow the steps given below to fix this problem.

Predictive Text Disappeared in my iPhone: 3 Ways to Solve

1- If you are using the native keyboard of iPhone, just text something in the text. Take a look at the picture below. Notice the white small bar in the center of the grey line (above the letters T, Y), swipe this bar upwards or drag it upwards and your predictive text feature in iPhone will come back up again.


2- If you are not using the native messaging app in your iPhone, and using some third party app, you can fix predictive text disappeared problem in iPhone by long pressing globe button on the default keyboard. The globe button has a menu which has options to turn predictive text on and off. Use this option to enable predictive text in iOS.

3- Open settings in your iPhone and go to the “General” section. Scroll down and tap on “Keyboard”. Toggle the “Auto Correction” switch. Now toggle the “Predictive” option to “ON”.

In case you there is still no predictive text feature in iPhone, comment below and we will be back with a way to solve this problem.


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