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Prettify: Aviary-Based Photo Editing App for iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

Prettify: Aviary-Based Photo Editing App for iPhone

Photo editing apps are extremely common, mostly because pictures are being taken more than ever and people love to edit their photos. There are many photo editing apps, some have great editing tools but the interface is not that great and comfortable. Others have a great interface but the editing tools are lacking. Great photo editing apps exist, but they’re costly. Prettify is simple, free but gorgeous photo editing app that will please any user who loves to edit their photos. Aviary is a high-quality photo editor, and what Prettify does is take all the features of that app and adds in some of it’s own. Prettify has the basic editing options such as Illuminate & Color-Fix, Hi-Def, a dozen different filters. Then there are the manual fixing tools, for example; brightness, sharpness, orientation, temperature, saturation, red-eye removal, blemish removal, tilt shift and a few more.

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But what makes Prettify different from all the other photo editing apps? First of all, it uses smooth transitions, blur and iOS7 type iconography which gives is an extremely beautiful interface. There are options for in-app purchases which can add more superb effects to your photos like text or meme-style text, frames, stickers and free-drawing capability. To use the app, you just upload or take a photo and start editing! Raise or lower the brightness of your photo, make it sharper, bring out more color, add a cool filter; the options are endless. When you’re done editing, share your photo on Facebook or Twitter. You’ll be spending a lot time playing around with the editing tools. It’s very simple and with the smooth interface, you’ll find yourself enjoying the process of editing your photos. Your simple photos will start to look as if they were taken by professionals.

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All in all, an app that takes the solid set of editing tools from Aviary and puts them into a stunning interface is worth getting. It’s free too. And by spending a little money, some extra great features are at your service. For those who use the Aviary app, why not get Prettify instead? You’ll have the same feature (and a few more) plus you’ll get the truly amazing interface. For first time photo editors, this app would be perfect because they will have a great first impression on photo editing. Simply using this app once will make anyone love photo editing. If you have some boring photos in your phone that need editing, this app is here to rescue you.

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