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Projecto an academic outsourcing platform launches from Nigeria to help undergrads with their projects

by Milicent Atieno

Outsourcing is becoming mainstream, so much so that the ‘gig’ work industry is now employing people more than it has ever. All thanks to outsourcing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancers, and Upwork among others. Well, there is a new outsourcing platform founded by Nigerian has joined that list, and its dubbed Projecto.

The new outsourcing platform enlists vetted authors and matches them with students looking to have some help with their projects. The student only needs to open an account, fill the details of the project and state the area(s) they want help with, set a deadline and a budget.

The students have the option of outsourcing the whole project or part of it. Once the students place an order, Projecto management then matches their order to the most qualified author(s); that is after the student has made the full payment.

The author(s) to whom the project has been assigned will then commence with the experiment, prepare working models or the theses and hands everything over to the student. The student can then go over the project, and once satisfied, give the author a review and rating.

The higher the ratings and positive the reviews an author gets, the more ‘gigs’ will be opened up to them. Projecto officially went live on March 3rd, 2018 and the team behind it are:

Adewuyi Mayowa – founder

Chima Okere – C.O.O

Adewuyi Adeola – Client Relations

Gbenga Akinyode – Consultant

The team says Projecto, though currently a lot of thesis writing, the platform is also open to other works people and businesses would want to outsource. Including designing PowerPoint presentations.

Adewuyi (Founder) says that the platform is not there to reduce the quality of students learning institutions will be churning out; half-baked students. Instead, they are taking off some of the workloads from very busy students who due to time and budget constraints can’t cover all bits of their projects. It would, therefore, make sense for them to outsource some of the workloads. Otherwise, it will eat up into their time for coursework.

The team also promises to give thesis that are free from plagiarism and well-written. They will also create a chance for the students to go over the work with the author who can then walk them through to make sure they internalize its content.

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