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Protecting your Home from the Cold


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We all know how important it is that we take extra care of ourselves in those cold winter months when temperatures plunge, and not only are viruses more common, but the threat of extreme temperatures can cause accidents and injuries to occur with more frequency, but many of us don’t realize that our homes need just as much attention when a cold snap hits.

Extremely cold temperatures, snow, and ice, can cause damage to your home if you are not prepared for it, which is why we’ve put together some top tips to help you protect your home from the cold:

Protect your pipes

When temperatures plunge, it is really important that you do what you can to protect your pipes from freezing over, When this happens, it is not uncommon for them to burst, and that could be very inconvenient, not to mention expensive.

The good news is, you can easily protect your pipes by simply taking the time to insulate them with special foam insulation that you can buy at the hardware store. You need to do this before temperatures drop too far, so the beginning of winter is a good time to add some insulation.

Seal the doors and windows

When a cold snap hits, if there are any gaps around your doors and windows, it can let that dressing cold air get into your home, where not only will it make you feel uncomfortable, but it could also cause dampness to occur.

That is why it is so important that you take the time to check all of your doors and windows for drafts, and if you find any, redo the caulking to dorm a tighter seal, or replace the weatherstripping so that those doors and windows are as tightly sealed as it is possible to be.

Clear snow

If you get a heavy snowfall it is really important that you clear it as soon as possible. Right now, you should be checking your snow blower works and purchasing any parts for your snow blower that you need to fix it if it is broken. You should also ensure you have a couple of decent shovels and some rock salt on hand to help you clear snow and ice before it hits.

Heavy snowfall can cause a lot of problems from blocking you in your drive to loading your roof with too much weight so that it collapses, so clearing as much snow as possible from your property when it is cold out is a must.

Keep gutters clear

It is also a really good idea to ensure that your property’s gutters are clear of debris like leaves and dirt before a cold snap hits. If they are full, then as the ice and snow melts down into them during the day, it could cause ice dams to form. When this happens, instead of being drained away, the resulting water can be forced back upwards where it can leach under the roof and potentially cause leaks and flooding inside your property, as well as compromising the integrity do the roof. It really is easier to clean the gutters regularly then the water is cold than to have to deal with a major roof repair, as I’m sure you will agree!

Ensure the attic is cool

You might be tempest to heat the attic to a high temperature, especially if you are spending any time in there, but when it’s really cold outside, this is another thing that can lead to ice dams forming by melting snow and ice on the roof more quickly. Again, this can lead to leaks and flooding inside your home, so if you can keep the attic a bit cooler than the rest of the house, this will really help to prevent such a calamity from happening.

Check your heating system is working

If it’s really cold and your heating system gives up the ghost, then not only could this leave you and your family shivering but it could also mean that your home suffers too. If you cannot keep it warm when it is freezing, then things are more likely to wrong like frozen pipes forming or dampness taking over indoors, So, get your furnace checked out as soon as you can ahead of a cold spell and you won’t have to worry.

If you want your home to be safe this winter, be sure to do all of the above if and when the temperature plunges. Keep your house safe, and take good care of yourself too!

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