PS4 will support External Hard Drive with the upcoming Software update

PS4 will support External Hard Drive with the upcoming Software update

Today Sony unveiled the preview of the next PlayStation 4 software update. Spotted among the new list of features, is the support for external hard drive.

The ability to expand storage on the PS4 gaming console has been virtually nonexistent yet; owners of Microsoft’s Xbox One have been able to do so for years. PS4 owners have had to make do with the internal drive limitations.

However, Sony has over the years tried some little tricks to make it possible for users to expand their storage. These tricks entail some simple hacks to replace the internal drive, but it involved a painstaking process of physically unscrewing the drive. Then you had to reinstall the software and copy all your old data to the new drive. Something not your average John and Jane Doe can do, obviously!

However, in the upcoming PS4 software 4.50, as per the preview, Sony is finally going to enable you to plug a USB 3.0 hard drive directly, and you will instantly have more space on your gaming console. The USB 3.0 external hard drive support has a limit of up to 8TB storage.  When you plug in the external hard drive, you see its content alongside what you already have on the internal drive.

The update also comes with some few extra features, including wallpapers, simpler notification system, and support for 3D Blu-ray for virtual reality play using the Sony PlayStation VR. This update is available today to any user who had signed up for PS4 Beta program. No official announcement yet from Sony as to when the final release will be out.

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