Psst PS4 Gamers, check out this new Earth Dynamic Theme just availed on PlayStation Store

truant pixel earth themes ps4

If you know the importance of foreplay, then you will appreciate a good theme on your PS4 console before you pick a title and embark on wasting bad guys. Thanks to developer Truant Pixel, we now have a new dynamic Earth theme for our PlayStation console.

The theme is a high-resolution model of planet Earth, much like what you see when using Google Earth app to view maps. It comes with dynamic lighting that will change based on the system clock on your PS4 console. So if it is daytime, expect a Sunny view of the Earth from space, and at night, you get to see how well lit some places on Earth are, and some being in total darkness.

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This theme was released today (December 4th) on PlayStation Store and so far, it is already available across North America, Europe, and Australia.

PS – Sony Europe was previously not allowing the release of dynamic PS4 them that are not tied to a specific game. With the availability of this theme across Europe, I guess their stand must have changed somewhere in the recent past. Either way, take a look at the theme in the video below, before visiting the Store on your PS4 to install it.

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