Pundit Bookkeeping Services rolls out Virtual Accounting in Nigeria

Pundit Bookkeeping Services rolls out Virtual Accounting in Nigeria

Individuals and SMEs struggling to stay afloat on their managing their finances will now be pleased to know that Pundit Bookkeeping Services has launched a virtual accounting service in Nigeria. Now you can focus on what matters to you and leave your bookkeeping to the professional at pocket friendly prices.

Pundit Bookkeeping Services’ effort will go a long way towards stimulating SMEs growth in Nigeria. They have tailor-made financial bookkeeping services to suit their needs. The company virtual accounting services will provide individuals and SMEs the general accounting services as well as specialized flexible and efficient bookkeeping solutions.

The package is for individuals and SMEs seeking professionally prepared financial records to help the track their finances and enable them make informed financial decisions. By rendering these services, individuals and SMEs can focus on other important areas in their businesses and have their bookkeeping done professionally without the cost of maintaining a full-time accountant.

Speaking on some of the benefits that come with hiring this service, Managing Director, Pundit Bookkeeping Service, Ms. Jovita Madojemu said that the company understands that many SMEs in dire need of clear co-ordination in their business finances often think that such professional service comes highly-priced.

“We are well positioned to provide such businesses with professionally-prepared books of accounts and services at a very friendly price. This way, SMEs will not only save funds spent on extra office space for the recruitment of a full-time accountant, but they will also have access to a pool of professionals and Chartered Accountants who will be made available to them, providing expert advice where necessary, as well as detailed information and reports,” Ms. Madojemu stated.

She added, “at half the cost on a monthly retainer, our clients will have access to key services, which include free consultation, open and friendly interactions, clear and jargon-free business analysis, transparent and flexible pricing, pay-as-you-go or monthly, professionally-prepared books of accounts, timely, monthly management reports, including but not limited to income, statement, balance sheet, annual budget and forecasts, debtors and creditors schedule, bank reconciliations, among others.

As bookkeeping is a universal concern for entrepreneurs, it is absolutely necessary to keep track of those debits and credits alerts. “It is a fallacy to believe as a Business Owner that the practices that brought you thus far can take you further,” said Director, Pundit Bookkeeping Services, Mr. Layi Adetona.

“Many have found that to succeed in an ever changing business environment, one needs reliable bookkeeping and the use of information provided to chart the course towards success. What makes a profitable business go bankrupt can also make a business with good cash-flows grind to a halt! The antidote to it lies in business decision tools that reliable bookkeeping provides.”

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